Hi, I'm Dr. David Eifrig. Most folks call me Doc.

Here at Retirement Millionaire Daily, our manifesto is to provide a guide for living well... at a good price... and on your own terms.

I've had a varied career... starting off on the trading desk at major Wall Street investment banks. After a decade of trading, I chose my "first retirement" and quit Wall Street... going back to school and becoming an eye surgeon.

In short, I've learned the inner workings of two of the biggest and most important industries in America – finance and medicine.

Now, I spend my "second retirement" doing what I like best – advising others on improving their health, managing their money, and enjoying a prosperous retirement.

This letter is your free guidebook to intriguing health and wealth ideas... and how to live a "millionaire lifestyle" on far, far less than you can imagine.

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