A Little-Known Way to Profit From the Fight Against COVID-19

Everyone's mind is on a COVID-19 cure...

Lots of talking heads on TV say the U.S. can't get back to normal until everyone is vaccinated – or, at the very least, until we have treatments to fight the virus.

Last month, the Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") approved the antiviral drug Veklury (remdesivir) to treat COVID-19 in people age 12 and older. But it's only available in a hospital or clinical setting. And mostly due to the rushed process of developed coronavirus treatments, its benefit still isn't entirely clear.

As for a future vaccine... as I mentioned on Wednesday, even when a vaccine is approved, it will take time to get Americans vaccinated.

While everyone keeps their eyes on companies working to treat and prevent COVID-19, they're missing a big opportunity...

Earlier this week, one of the world's most "connected and respected" biotechnology experts revealed news on a small American company set to lead the fight against COVID-19... and potentially become one of the market's most profitable stocks of the next six months.

According to this expert...

  • This company's share price is poised to soar no matter who wins the election...
  • Its proprietary COVID-19 technology could make its value practically invincible to the pandemic...
  • It could return high-triple-digit gains even if the market sinks into a lengthy recession in 2021 or beyond.

In fact, his research indicates that this small American company, currently trading for less than what it might cost to fill your gas tank, could return 565% or more in the next six months.

But it won't be long until more investors realize this company's worth. So he's urging folks who want to make the biggest gains to act now.

Click here for all the details.

Now let's get into this week's Q&A. As always, we love hearing from you, so keep sending thoughts, questions, and suggestions to us at [email protected].

Q: Hi Doc! I used to get your COVID briefing from your regular emails. It is fantastic! I have not received any for about a month now. Please tell me how to get your up-to-date briefing again? – A.C.

A: We took an extended break, but we came back last week to share a special edition of our COVID-19 briefings...

Earlier this month, we discussed the coronavirus situation as part of the annual Stansberry Conference & Alliance Meeting.

In our October 8 discussion, we covered what's on everyone's minds... the COVID-19 economy. Between restaurants, unemployment, and an uncertain stimulus package, we're seeing some concerning numbers. But we shared our top picks for where you can put your money to work today.

During our COVID-19 panel, we also discussed the dangers of trusting just any prediction, and we looked at why early predictions of coronavirus deaths ranged from 10,000 to 6 million when the pandemic first hit the U.S. We also explained why it's not helpful to keep comparing COVID-19 with the flu and shared what the future holds for a coronavirus vaccine.

Click here to watch or read the conversation.

Q: Doc, you keep saying that white rice is bad. But I see a lot of bodybuilders use white rice. I, too, used white rice for a long time and my health is just fine. Actually, people from Asia eat lots of white rice and they're OK. How do you explain this? – F.H.

A: White rice is a "high glycemic index" food that signals the pancreas to produce extra insulin. It increases your blood-sugar levels.

The insulin secreted into the bloodstream triggers a host of things – a decrease of magnesium and an increase of sodium in the blood. Insulin also increases inflammatory molecules in the blood.

Insulin even results in fat production. The extra fat leads to high blood sugar and keeps metabolism stuck in "storage mode." Lots of insulin causes the vessels to oxidize and stiffen... leading to higher blood pressure. Over time, this can cause strokes and heart disease.

This is why I tell readers to avoid white rice and go for brown rice instead. Cooked white rice ranks at 89 on the index, whereas brown rice ranks at 50.

So, how are some Asian cultures that eat a lot of rice still healthy? You need to look at the overall diet and lifestyle. The Western diet is packed with foods on the high glycemic index, and it's lacking in fresh vegetables. On average, Westerners also do less physical activity. That's why it's more important for folks, particularly those of us in America, to limit these foods. We're overall less healthy to begin with. That said, if one of the unhealthiest foods you eat in a day is a bowl of white rice, you're doing fine.

Q: Regarding your mention of volatility... Would now be a good time to sell options? – P.F.

A: Longtime Retirement Trader subscribers know I look at the volatility in options using the CBOE Volatility Index ("VIX") because it acts like a fear indicator. The VIX tracks volatility as a function of options prices.

High volatility often points to fear in the market, while low volatility can mean that the market is growing more confident. The higher the VIX goes, the more we get paid for the two-month options we sell in Retirement Trader. The lower the VIX, the less we get paid.

Options sellers have gotten paid a lot since the start of the pandemic...

We're officially agnostic about volatility.

It's true, we enjoy periods when high volatility pushes up the premiums we receive for selling options. When volatility is high, premiums get rich... and our profits are even bigger. That's the secret to Retirement Trader.

Our strategy remains profitable regardless of what's going on. In fact, just last month, we closed out four more winning trades.

If you want to earn safe, steady income – no matter what the market is doing – get started with Retirement Trader today. Click here to learn more.

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Dr. David Eifrig and the Health & Wealth Bulletin Research Team
November 6, 2020