A Passion My Dad and I Didn't Share

I've shared many passions with my dad...

We both became ophthalmologists. We loved reading and discussing newsletters.

But one passion we didn't share was shaving... I've had a beard for 30 years. My dad shaved daily.

Every morning when I was growing up, he'd get down his shaving brush and razor from the cabinet.

He'd lather up with a soap mug... I can still remember the smell, and the ceramic mug with the Navy emblem of the USS Albany... before moving on to his double-edged safety razor...

There was something precise, even elegant, about watching him load a new blade... The quick flick of his wrist to spin the handle... the careful handling of the used blade before dropping it into a hole in the wall... the tightness with which he screwed the head back in its proper place.

It was a heavy, solid tool. Not like today's multi-bladed plastic junk.

Growing up, my dad's daily ritual seemed like part of what it meant to be a man. The heft of his razor and trimmer made it clear that they were tools meant to be used... and respected.

That's one reason why I like the OneBlade razor. It reminds me of my dad.

The heft and precision of this razor is incredible. It's heavy. Smooth. Solid. And it looks slightly... well... dangerous. Just take a look...


I know you've heard me talk about this razor a few times recently. But you truly have to see it to believe it. It's a beautiful tool that should be part of your daily routine.

So if you haven't bought yourself something for the holidays... or if your family is asking you for gift ideas... we have a special deal for Retirement Millionaire Daily readers to get 30% off this heirloom-quality razor.

You can start creating your own memories today with this beautiful razor.

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Q: Can you give me a link [on meditation] that will explain and show me how? I can sit still for a while, but not the same thing is it? – R.P.

A: Absolutely, R.P. You can find our beginner's guide for meditation right here.

Q: There are studies showing its effectiveness [of T'ai Chi Chih] in reducing hypertension and increasing bone mass. – S.R.

A: As some of our longtime readers know, we've recommended regular tai chi before as a way to improve balance and build muscle.

Tai chi chih is a specialized version of tai chi. It reduces the 108 movements in tai chi to 19 movements and a single pose. Basically, tai chi chih is a mix of tai chi and meditation – both activities we like and have promoted before.

There isn't a lot of research out there on tai chi chih... However, what we did find were good, quality studies, including a few randomized control trials (or RCTs, the gold standard of research).

Researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found that senior women (age 60 and older) who took tai chi chih classes saw significant drops in their blood pressure. What's more, another RCT from UCLA saw reduced levels of inflammation in participants after 16 weeks of tai chi chih. And there are several studies out there measuring tai chi chih's ability to improve sleep and fight depression in older folks.

It's further proof that both movement and meditation significantly help your body and your mind. And while I haven't tried tai chi chih, we're interested in learning more. Let us know if you, like S.R., have tried it and what you think: [email protected].

Q: Do you have any tips for saving money on gift cards? – A.H.

A: Instead of buying gift cards from retailers, go to Gift Card Granny – an online marketplace that lets you buy gift cards at a discount. It offers gift cards in several categories including entertainment and home furnishing. You'll find cards from major retailers like Home Depot and Target. I recently found a $50 gift card for Home Depot for only $46. That's an 8% discount.

And if you receive gift cards this holiday season that you won't use, you can sell them on Gift Card Granny. You won't get the full amount on the card, but at least you'll have some money you can use.

Q: Have enjoyed your work this year, and may even have followed some of your suggestions! For someone like me who's getting a little forgetful, I was wondering if you could recap in one article some of your best ideas of 2016. Thanks, and am looking forward to more of your great work in 2017. – J.H.

A: Stayed tuned next week. We'll share our top ways to grow wealthier in 2017.

Next month, we'll also feature some of our favorite essays from 2016.

What was your favorite Retirement Millionaire Daily issue of 2016? What do you want us to cover in 2017? Share your thoughts with us at [email protected].

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