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Convenience Is Killing You, Part II

I warned you last summer: Convenience is killing us.

Last July, we warned of the health risks of ultra-processed foods. Ultra-processed essentially means any pre-packaged or sugary foods – including frozen meals, chips, soda, and microwavable snacks. It also includes soda drinks.

Improving Your Memory With This Superfood Spice

Years ago, health care giant Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) sold Band-Aid bandages containing the spice turmeric.

Turmeric bandages might seem odd, but the spice has a long history of medicinal use in India.

My Next Prescription Is a Pint

This time of year, I like to thaw out my stash of superfoods.

That’s because I load up on blueberries each spring and summer. So much so, that I freeze the leftovers to help tide me over until the next time they’re in season.

Time to Break out the Bubbly

It’s as much a tradition as watching the ball drop on Times Square…

Each year, millions of Americans celebrate New Year’s Eve with a glass of champagne.

In Defense of Holiday Wine

If one more person tells me that my glass of Riesling will give me cancer, I might lose my mind.

You’re likely familiar with news stories claiming consuming alcohol will increase your cancer risk. Some folks are even advocating total abstinence to “save themselves.”

Don’t Fall Victim to ‘Silver Bullets’

I’m sick of seeing headlines claiming to have a “silver bullet” for diabetes.

The truth is that folks don’t want to do the work to lose weight, eat a proper diet, exercise, and take care of themselves. They want a quick pill to magically lower their blood sugar.

How to Easily Avoid This Common – and Deadly – Condition

Right in the middle of cooking dinner, Annie lost her vision.

Annie, one of our managing editors, had no other symptoms. She just suddenly couldn’t see.

Be Contrarian in Your Health

“Hey Doc, would you consider writing about this topic?”

It’s a question I get all the time from readers and folks in our office.

The Dangers of Going Vegetarian

I hate diets.

Many diets out there have nearly impossible-to-follow rules and it’s discouraging trying to sift out what works and what doesn’t. In fact, the only diet I recommend to anyone is the Mediterranean diet, which features fruits, veggies, whole grains, olive oil, nuts, fish, and lean meat.

The Truth Behind This Oil Boom

This is the oil boom that everyone’s talking about.

I see it everywhere… in magazines, on the front page of USA Today, and from concerned readers filling up our inbox. But it’s probably not the oil boom you’re thinking of…