Don't Forget How to Make Money

Today's investor has forgotten how to make money...

We're not calling anyone dumb – but too many are shortsighted. Lots of folks in the market are too focused on making giant, overnight gains on companies with no profits or even sales.

Picture somebody sitting on his couch, still in pajamas, scrolling through Twitter or Reddit for the latest hot speculation... He's hanging on every word from Elon Musk... And then he opens up Robinhood on his phone to place moonshot bets.

As a Health & Wealth Bulletin reader, we know this probably isn't you. But many folks like the one we described are out there making bets and moving markets.

We've talked before about the Reddit traders moving stocks like GameStop (GME) and AMC Entertainment (AMC). It doesn't take long for the "meme stocks" to fall after these traders artificially inflate the share prices.

This type of high-risk (and often low-reward) trading isn't what we want folks to make. We want you to make money moves that can help you sleep well at night... especially if you're thinking of making sure your wealth lasts through retirement.

That's why you need to see the latest warning from my colleague and Wall Street legend, Marc Chaikin.

This past Wednesday night, Marc shared:

  • Why stocks are crashing now
  • Where we're headed next
  • The simple step to take so you're ready for the next wave of destruction

Marc also revealed his No. 1 stock to buy and his No. 1 stock to avoid.

If you want to know how to protect yourself this year and position your portfolio for gains, you need to hear what Marc has to say...

Click here for all the details.

Keep your questions coming our way at [email protected]. We read every e-mail. Here are some other things on your minds this week...

Q: I'm not sure you've ever mentioned monk fruit sugar as a substitute for regular sugar and artificial sweeteners. Any info/advice? – J.T.

A: Monk fruit is a more natural form of sweetener. That's because, similar to stevia, it's an extract derived from a plant. But we don't know much about what monk fruit as a sweetener does to your health. We do know that it won't cause your blood sugar to spike, and some research points to potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The fact is, it's just not that well-researched yet.

Also, depending on the type you buy, it could be blended with a sweetener, dextrose, that does cause a spike in blood sugar. We should also mention that monk fruit sweetener isn't cheap and can be difficult to find. Some of our colleagues say it also has an unpleasant aftertaste, but others don't mind it.

Until we've seen more research on the benefits of monk fruit – and its safety – we can't give it our stamp of approval. But we'll keep an eye on it.

Q: We are looking for an article you recently wrote about the three worst foods, white bread, yogurt, and one other one but can't remember and can't find the article. Can you help? – L.S.

A: For years, I've warned folks against eating too many "white killers" – white flour, sugar, and white rice. And I've recently added white potatoes to this list. These are foods that cause quick, harmful spikes in your blood sugar. They're also known to cause inflammation. And for each of these white foods, there are better, healthier alternatives. You can read my most recent takedown of these foods here.

As for yogurt, I love it – depending on the kind you're eating. Yogurt is packed with probiotics to keep your gut healthy and happy. But too many folks reach for yogurt that's packed with sugar, like those fruit-on-the-bottom types. So when you're eating yogurt, go for the unsweetened, plain variety.

I love eating Greek yogurt – it's full of probiotics and protein. Some folks find it's too tangy, so if you want some natural sweetness, add some fruit (like my favorite – blueberries) for a dash of antioxidants or a little bit of real honey.

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Here's to our health, wealth, and a great retirement,

Dr. David Eifrig and the Health & Wealth Bulletin Research Team
April 1, 2022