My Mom and Dad Never Had a Chance

Doc's note: This week, we have a personal missive from my friend and colleague Steve Sjuggerud.

Steve has spent more than $1 million developing a trading system that tracks all sorts of investments in real time... like health care, biotech companies, banks, and even gold and gold-mining stocks... to help you determine whether an opportunity is a "buy" or a "sell."

He's sharing a few details from his system today...


My friend, I'm sorry to be bearer of bad news.

But you probably don't stand a chance with your investments...

Take my parents, for example.

I (Steve) grew up in a middle-class family. My dad was in the Navy, so we moved around a lot. And my mom was a schoolteacher.

They worked hard. Even when we didn't have a lot of extra money around, we had everything we needed.

And at age 16, I went off to the University of Florida to study finance. I started my Wall Street career at 21.

It was on Wall Street that I learned average investors like my mom and dad didn't have a chance.

The problem is simple. It comes down to computing power... The big institutions – hedge funds, private equity, family offices – have it. And you don't.

Plain and simple, their computers can find and process investing ideas far more quickly than you can.

In 2008, I set out to right this wrong...

I wanted to develop a way for people like my parents to access ideas that were previously out of their reach.

Ever since 2008, that has been my primary focus: developing a computer-based system that will produce real, tradeable ideas... that offer profits as high as the ideas of the "big guys," but at a price affordable enough for my mom and dad's modest portfolio.

And not to let the cat out of the bag... But I've succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

I didn't begin this mission lightly. I have the background and experience on Wall Street to do it right...

I've been a hedge-fund manager. I've been an analyst for a billion-dollar hedge fund. I've been a mutual-fund vice president. I've been on corporate boards. I've been a broker trading international stocks and bonds. And along the way, I completed my MBA and my PhD.

The things I didn't know how to do, I found the right people to do them for us...

  • I've spent more than $1 million developing this technology and acquiring up to 200 years of historical data needed to run the software.
  • I had to hire a PhD in mathematics and a team of 15 top-notch programmers to help build the software.
  • I spend $100,000 a year on data streams alone.
  • And I even hired a full-time actuarial scientist to help monitor the results – which has been more effective than I could have possibly imagined.

Since we finished building my "system" in 2011, the folks who follow my work have sent me hundreds of kind messages about the results they're getting from their portfolios...

I'm very proud of the success we've achieved.

If you had followed my recommendations over the years, you would have had dozens of opportunities to make double- and triple-digit gains... no matter what was going on in the rest of the stock market, and no matter what headlines papered the mainstream press.

And with my powerful system, we've created a simple tool you can use to figure out if any sector – we track more than 40 in total – is a buy, hold, or sell... at any given moment.

It has helped me find ways to profitably trade everything from technology stocks to gold... homebuilders... bank warrants... and even health care stocks... just to name a few.

I bring this to your attention because most of the people I talk to don't know what to do with their investments right now...

Many of them are afraid the markets are going to fall.

They think the recent drop in stocks and bonds (particularly in high-yield bonds) is just the beginning... and that all of the bad things lurking out there are finally about to surface.

Maybe this describes you, too.

But in today's world, letting the numbers speak clearly for themselves is more important than ever.

That's why I've put together a special presentation... I want to show you how my system works, and why it's far easier to make money in the stock market by ignoring the noise... and simply let the numbers do the talking.

And to make sure that anyone, even folks with a modest-sized portfolio, can afford it... Right now, you can receive a full two years of my newsletter and trading system... my life's work, really... for less than the cost of a single year's subscription.

If you're like my mom and dad, you deserve a chance in the market.

Learn more here.

Good investing,

Editor, True Wealth Systems
March 22, 2016

Doc's note: As Steve showed you today, it's important to focus on the numbers. Steve's track record is extraordinary... And to help as many serious investors as possible navigate turbulent market conditions, Steve is offering access to his proprietary system for a big discount off the normal rate. Details here.