The Ultimate Chaos Hedge

We've said it before...

Everyone should own some gold.

Gold has been used as a currency throughout all recorded history. Its supply is limited, and it also has some real-world uses, such as jewelry and electronics components.

And even in the era of money-printing, central banks still keep huge gold reserves. If the money system breaks down, they know a vault full of gold will be valuable. Having gold in the bank makes for a credible currency.

Gold is the ultimate "chaos hedge." When things get rocky in the economy or stock market, folks turn to gold as a safe haven. It has historically held its value across borders, cultures, and political systems... in peacetime and in war.

As the war between Russia and Ukraine has unfolded, gold has once again proven to be a chaos hedge...

If you don't own gold as a part of your investment portfolio, you should think about having some exposure.

But with gold around $2,000 an ounce, you might wonder if it's the right time to invest...

According to our in-house gold experts, John Doody and Garrett Goggin, $2,000 for gold is just the start of a bigger bull run in the precious metal.

When it comes to gold, there's likely nobody more knowledgeable than John and Garrett. Of course, with the ongoing situation in Russia, rampant inflation, and the Fed's commitment to raising interest rates, plenty of folks think they already know the whole story on gold.

But there's an even bigger gold story most Americans are overlooking

So if you want to know the real story on gold, if its recent rally will continue, and why now is the right time to add gold to your portfolio, click here to learn all the details.

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Q: I follow most of your guidance and regularly get enough sleep. But here is my question for you:

I often wake at about 5:30, which would be 6 1/2 hours. But I easily and quickly fall back asleep until 6:30 or 7. Does that mean that I am lazy? Or do I need that extra hour/hour and a half?

Thank you. – M.M.

A: Listen to your body, not just general advice. We all have different sleep needs. So six and a half hours might be enough for some folks. But if you're able to "easily and quickly" fall back to sleep, do that. It likely means your body still needs that extra sleep.

It's what I do... I try to maintain a set bedtime, and I typically wake up seven to eight hours later. If I don't feel fully rested – like I'm able to just fall right back to sleep – then I'll sleep until I am. And if I feel a cold coming on... or everyone else around me is getting sick... off to bed I go for some extra sleep for a boost to my immune system.

The same goes for folks who like to nap...

It turns out, afternoon naps improve your mental agility. That afternoon shut-eye improves your brain's ability to think quickly and with ease. Napping can have positive effects on your immune system, too. This is because napping helps to regulate the body's response to inflammation through the release of cytokines. Cytokines help our cells communicate with each other to repair areas of the body that are experiencing inflammation, infection, or trauma.

There is an optimal amount of time for napping. Five minutes is considered too short, and 30 minutes may be too long (for some – because it allows your body to enter into deep sleep and you may wake up groggier). Napping for 10 to 20 minutes is considered ideal.

Don't fight your body and its drive. If you feel the need to sleep, allow yourself the time to rest.

Q: Is there a place that I can look up archived issues of the Health & Wealth Bulletin? – P.S.

A: You can find an archive of Health & Wealth Bulletin issues on our website – If you're looking for a specific subject, search using our search bar. If it's a topic we haven't written about, send us a suggestion at [email protected].

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Here's to our health, wealth, and a great retirement,

Dr. David Eifrig and the Health & Wealth Bulletin Research Team
March 18, 2022