Why Your Broker Wasn't on Our List

After Wednesday's issue, "The Only Broker You Should Be Using," we were flooded with e-mails of readers sharing their experiences with their brokers.

We even had one broker who switched sides...

I spent many years as a "full service broker" and made a good living at it. When I took note of the momentum being created by the online discount brokers in the early '90s it got my attention. I was mainly bothered by the fact that for so many of my clients, I really wasn't providing much service other than trade execution so I decided rather than fight them, join them... which I did and never looked back. Yes, I took a pay cut but was sleeping well at night because I had the confidence that I was working entirely for the client and not being steered by my company or other personal motivations.

I retired a few years ago and am still happy with the decisions I made in my later years. Your article is spot on. – M.S.

But the No. 1 question we got was people wondering why we didn't include their broker on the list.

The three brokers we included made our short list because they have some of the best mixes of pricing and research abilities year after year, based on our research and personal experience. (In our full report for
Retirement Millionairesubscribers, we discuss seven brokers.)

There are plenty of brokers we don't cover, but that doesn't mean they won't suit your investment style. This list is simply a jumping-off point to help you get started. More than anything else, our goal here at
Retirement Millionaire Daily is to help you empower yourself... your health... and your investing.

Now, let's get to today's Q&A...

Q: In your latest issue [of Retirement Millionaire] you gave the tip of creating an account at the SSA to protect against someone else from doing so in your name. A long time ago you mentioned the same regarding the IRS, but I cannot find where to do that.

For the benefit of your readers can you describe that again? All I can find is the "get transcript" page on their website, but this doesn't create an account per se. – R.M.

A: In our issue, "Don't Get Duped by Tax-Season Scammers," we talked about one of the largest tax scams in history, which involved phone calls from fraudsters pretending to be the IRS and demanding money. We also mentioned thieves stealing Social Security numbers and using them to file early tax returns.

If the "IRS" contacts you demanding money, or if you receive notification that multiple tax returns were filed in your name, call the IRS' Identity Protection Specialized Unit at 1-800-908-4490.

You can read more about protecting yourself from tax fraud

For readers who want to learn more about how to avoid Social Security fraud, 
click here. Retirement Millionaire subscribers can read the latest issue of Retirement Millionaire here.

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Q: For several years now I have been going to the bank looking for silver coins, and I have not seen any pre-1965 coins until yesterday. Yesterday I was blessed with at least five or more silver half dollars.

Please inform your subscribers to continue their quest for the coins are out there. We must be patience and keep looking for them! – D.F.

A: Congrats on your silver-coin-hunting success! We've heard from readers who've had a lot of success. But we've also heard from people saying they've had a hard time finding silver coins. This seems especially true if you live in a metropolitan area.

Several readers wrote saying they use local coin dealers to buy silver coins instead of hunting through coin rolls. Buying silver and gold can be a risky business if you do not know who you are dealing with.

Over the years, we've formed many reliable contacts in all areas of the financial world. Here are a few folks who "hoard" pre-1965 silver coins... And feel free to tell them we sent you. (Also, be sure to let me know your experience dealing with them by
writing to us here.)

The names are:

Rich Checkan

Asset Strategies International

1700 Rockville Pike, Suite 400

Rockville, MD 20852

Phone: 800-831-0007 or 301-881-8600

Fax: 301-881-1936

[email protected]

Parker Vogt

Camino Coin

1301 Broadway Ave.

Burlingame, CA 94010

Phone: 800-348-8001 or 650-348-3000

[email protected]

Note: We receive no compensation for mentioning these individuals. They simply have a great reputation and a history of treating clients (and Stansberry Research readers) well.

Q: Any chance I could get a resend of the Nicaragua edition? Seriously considering a move in that direction. Many thanks. – G.K.

A: Thanks for your interest, and I hope you can join me. For any readers who missed the issue on Nicaragua, you can read it here.

I'm heading to Rancho Santana in Nicaragua again on June 16-20 to look at real estate there. I'm a dreamer, and getting away to places like this is always fun and recharging for me. I'm considering ownership there, and you might be wise to do the same.

I'll be hosting workshops on the various aspects to healthy living over the three days we're there. We're also setting up times to learn surfing, yoga, horseback riding, and even meditation techniques taught by yours truly.

If you're interested in learning more about investing in a wonderful real estate project – possibly for your retirement or even just for escaping from the rat race of the U.S. – consider joining us June 16-20. And be sure to check out the website to get a good feel for the ranch at

If you're interested in joining our group, I do encourage you to act soon. To get full details and reserve your spot, contact my friend Marc Brown. You can e-mail him at
[email protected] or call him at 530-587-4929.
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