A Solution to Your Biggest Financial Problem

Doc's note: Longtime readers know I love to share guest essays every Monday. This week, I have something special planned for you... Each day I'm going to share one of my favorite essays from a Stansberry Research guru. And today, we're starting with a name you're likely familiar with... my good friend and colleague, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud.

In today's essay, Steve explains how to find the missing piece of your financial plan.

"I was at this bar," my roommate Jeff told me back in college. "Next thing you know, the most beautiful girl in the place agreed to go out with me."

The next-thing-you-know phrase appeared again after college, when Jeff and I were stockbrokers together in the mid-1990s. "I talked to this potential client today," he said. "Next thing you know, he's sending in a million dollars."

I love – and hate – Jeff's "next thing you know" stories...

It's not Jeff's success that bothers me – you can't not love the guy. Instead, it's the "next thing you know" part...

Whenever Jeff used "next thing you know" (and he often did, that rascal), I got frustrated... He was leaving out a key step – a secret to success. And I needed to know what that secret was.

If I didn't get to the bottom of "next thing you know," then I couldn't follow in his footsteps to succeed.

I tell you this because, for most of us, there's a serious piece missing from the financial puzzle... a secret... a "next thing you know" that we need to get to the bottom of.

Today, I will share the solution to finding that crucial secret. Let me explain...

Here's what most ordinary folks think about investing:

If you're reading this, you're more sophisticated than most people...

You know that proper investing takes time – and that the "next thing you know" doesn't happen overnight.

You know that you need to diversify: to put some money into stocks, and some into other investments. That's part of the path to investment success.

But this still isn't enough information. These are just guidelines. The "next thing you know" is still missing.

So what is the missing piece?

It is knowing EXACTLY what to do with your money.

It is knowing EXACTLY how to allocate it safely, down to the penny.

If you've followed our writing, you should be doing pretty well.

But... if you haven't taken the time to get organized... if you don't take a whole-portfolio approach... if you inevitably put too much capital in the wrong stocks, and not enough in the right ones... then you are still just guessing.

If you want to have a solid financial plan, take the time to check your portfolio. It could help you avoid financial disaster... especially in today's volatile market.

Good investing,