Ask Doc

The Crucial Mistake You’re Making in the Market

If you’ve “checked out” this summer, I don’t blame you.

I hope you’ve spent the summer like I have, traveling and spending time with friends and family.

‘You’ll Probably Ignore This’

I love getting e-mails like this…

For those of us who don’t particularly like the taste or hassle of coffee, I should point out that there are supplements containing green coffee bean extract, decaf. I know Doc has a major aversion to anything in the pill form, so he’ll probably ignore this! – M.H.

Who Should You Trust?

“Trust, but verify.”

That’s a phrase former President Ronald Reagan made famous during the Cold War. And it’s one I regularly use with my team of researchers and analysts.

It’s Time to Get Excited for Defaults

“Right now, it’s better to have a defensive mindset than an offensive one.”

That’s what I told you last week when I detailed the risk of rising debt defaults.

Searching for Danger in Shanghai

I traveled 7,652 miles to talk about America.

Earlier this month, my colleague Steve Sjuggerud led an investment tour of China. He invited me and some Stansberry Research analysts to join a select handful of subscribers.

Why You Want to Buy What Others Hate Right Now

Steve’s no stranger to big calls…

In March 2009, Steve Sjuggerud predicted huge gains in stocks, even while investors were still shaking from the financial crisis. He told his readers that “the next seven to 10 years could be phenomenal.” Stocks are up around 300%.

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

Last month, I told you about an investment that could change your life… Not a stock, or an annuity, or a bond.

A razor. More specifically, the OneBlade razor.

On Your Mind: Strokes, Options, and Colon Cancer

Happy National Aphasia Awareness Month!

It seems like each month has a dozen different special issues attached to it. You probably didn’t know June is also National Turkey Lovers’ Month.

Here’s How to Be an A+ Trader

Most investors will lose more than they’ll win.

Even the world’s best investors only get it right about 50% of the time. So you need to take steps to make the most out of your winners.

‘This Investment Could Change Your Life’

Every morning, when I was growing up, my dad followed the same routine…

He’d get down his shaving brush and razor from the cabinet… He’d lather up with a soap mug… I can still remember the smell, and the ceramic mug with the Navy emblem of the USS Albany… before moving on to his double-edged safety razor…