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What the ‘Eternal Optimists’ Get Right

When you buy a stock, it’s critical to know exactly what you expect to get out of the investment and what would lead you to sell…

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The Lockdown Experiment Is Ending

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Gold investing legend John Doody says he’s “all in on gold.” Here’s why it’s time to load up on this precious metal…

Finding the Answer to Chaos

Everyone wants answers. I don’t have all the answers. But in times like these, I don’t spend too much of my time worrying about it…

It’s the Wild COVID-19 Frontier

When should I wear a mask? What type is best? Should I wear it if I’m just going to walk the dog?

Doc Eifrig’s COVID-19 Briefing No. 2

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Tap Into Your Natural Coping Mechanism for Stress

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Answering Your Coronavirus Questions

You’ve flooded our inbox with coronavirus questions. So today, we’re answering them…

Trapped on a Flying Petri Dish

On a cramped flight, a fellow passengers’ ignorance made me feel like I was trapped on a flying petri dish.