Living Well

The Secret to Staving Off Sickness

I cringe every time I see bottles of antibacterial hand sanitizer.

Four Ways to Promote Better Digestion

We are told “you are what you eat.” But this is a lie.

It’s Time for Your Brain’s Rinse Cycle

There are still many mysteries of the brain… a lot we don’t understand. But we now know not only how the brain’s self-cleaning feature works, but what it means for preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

These Creepy Creatures Signal Our Digital Doom

Fruit flies might be the harbingers of our technological destruction.

They’re the modern-day equivalent of a canary in a coal mine.

‘Get Thee to a Nunnery’

There’s a lot we can learn from the Bard… like how to fight this ‘Silent Killer.’

A Promise Nearly 250 Years in the Making

For the first time in 244 years, we might just have a cure for cancer…

As a physician, I balk at saying the word “cure.” But over the past few years, I’ve followed a cancer treatment known as the “Living Cure” closely.

Protecting Your Heart Is a Pain in the… Arm

“Is it me, or did this year’s flu shot hurt more?”

It’s a question we heard a lot last week during our company’s annual health fair. Amidst the tables offering blood pressure screenings and free smoothies, there was a long line for flu shots.

The Only Detox I Recommend

Italy is a true respite from the chaos and fast-paced lifestyle here in the U.S. So it’s time to follow the Italians’ lead.

We’re Winning the Fight Against Cancer

A new type of cancer therapy is quickly gaining traction in the medical world and showing great promise. It treats even some of the deadliest cancers… extending survival from months to years.

This Egyptian Health Secret Is Today’s Useless Nutrition Fad

Coconut shells, decaying peat, charred animal bones…

What do all of these things have in common?