Living Well

The Only Detox I Recommend

Italy is a true respite from the chaos and fast-paced lifestyle here in the U.S. So it’s time to follow the Italians’ lead.

We’re Winning the Fight Against Cancer

A new type of cancer therapy is quickly gaining traction in the medical world and showing great promise. It treats even some of the deadliest cancers… extending survival from months to years.

This Egyptian Health Secret Is Today’s Useless Nutrition Fad

Coconut shells, decaying peat, charred animal bones…

What do all of these things have in common?

We Hope This Issue Puts You to Sleep

It’s not a badge of honor to forgo sleep in the name of productivity. Sleep deprivation not only kills our productivity… It kills us, too.

The No. 1 Way to Hydrate (And No, It’s Not Water)

Doc’s Note: Dr. Param Dedhia is one of the most interesting people I’ve met. He’s a physician trained at Johns Hopkins who is an integrative doctor – he practices both modern and traditional medicine. He serves as the Weight Loss Program Leader and the Director of Sleep Medicine at Canyon Ranch, a wellness retreat in Tucson, Arizona. He’s board-certified in sleep medicine, internal medicine, and obesity medicine, and he also did a fellowship in geriatrics (that’s for us old folks).

Param is joining us next week at the Stansberry Conference & Alliance Partner Meeting in Las Vegas. I can’t wait for our subscribers to hear his insights… But his stuff on health is so good, I asked him to share some of his secrets that he’s taught at Canyon Ranch over the years. The first secret is Param’s No. 1 tip for traveling, perfect for those of you who will be joining us next week in Vegas.

The Heavy Cost of Lipitor

We’re no strangers to controversy, but by far one of our most controversial topics is on statins…

Last week, I detailed the basics on statins and explained why you should only take them if you’ve tried other lifestyle changes first.

Don’t Put Your Faith in FEMA – Form Your Own Plan

Your favorite retirement state is disaster-prone.

Florida ranks as the fifth most natural disaster-prone state in the U.S. It comes in after California, Texas, Oklahoma, and Washington.

One Number That Makes My Blood Boil

221 million prescriptions…

That’s the latest number available for the number of prescriptions written in a single year (2012-2013) for statins.

Buying Snow Shovels in Florida

“You want me to buy a snow shovel. I live in South Florida!”

Last week, after our issue on winterizing your house right now (instead of waiting until the end-of-fall rush), Ron M. wrote in about the ludicrous nature of our tip on buying a snow shovel because he lives in South Florida.

Winter Is Coming… Seven Tips to Prepare for the Worst

Imagine looking at the position of Venus and using that to predict how much snow you’ll get for the next decade.

It sounds ludicrous, but that’s exactly what the Farmer’s Almanac does. In 1792, the publication first used the mathematical formula for weather predictions created by Robert B. Thomas. Thomas looked at variables like sun spots, tidal patterns, and yes, the position of the planets. He even gave tips on counting things like persimmon seeds and colors on a wooly caterpillar.