An Outrageous Guarantee – 100% Gains in 18 Months

I hate trying to figure out what someone really means when they're trying to be polite... tell me what they think I want to hear... or "spin" me on some idea or another.

There's none of that here.

I'm writing to alert you that this is your first and maybe only opportunity to subscribe to Dave Lashmet's Stansberry Venture Technology service without risking a penny on his research.

If you don't act quickly, the opportunity may be gone.

But I also want to be clear: For most investors, this strategy is probably not right for you.

If you don't understand how hard it is to decipher drug development research results – from tests on lab mice all the way through the final Phase III clinical trials... this isn't for you.

If you've never thought about the work it takes traveling around the world – jetting to medical conferences, research labs, and talking with the head scientists, chief medical officers, and other executives... again, this service may not be for you.

There's no "secret trick" to finding, researching, and studying the businesses – drug developers, device makers, and technology companies – that Dave and his research team detail in Venture TechnologyIt simply takes a massive amount of work.

Joining Venture Technology is your way of essentially employing several personal research analysts to read through hundreds, even thousands, of pages of trial results, medical journals, and patent filings. Then they distill the most important details back to you.

These are small companies that are often misunderstood or unknown from Wall Street analysts, who often don't have the medical or scientific background to really understand what makes one drug a winner... and another a complete failure.

And today, for the first time ever, you can choose to receive this research with absolutely no risk.

But again, I want to tell you up front – if you don't already have a diversified, balanced portfolio of blue-chip stocks, don't bother with this research.

The Venture Technology strategy is perfect for 10%-20% of your portfolio... It's a way to invest a small stake into a business with the potential for 1,000% returns over time.

It's not, however, a way to "get rich quick." Please don't think this is easy. It involves real research... real companies... and real drugs that can become blockbusters.

Dave's research is unlike anything else our company publishes... And he's had a huge number of triple-digit winners since he launchedVenture Technology a few years ago.

In fact, since 2015, one out of every three of Dave's recommendations in Venture Technology has at least doubled.

Virtually no one else covers these small, hidden opportunities the way that Dave does.

And right now, Dave and our senior analyst Brett Aitken have pinpointed a single stock where they see incredible upside. The treatment that Dave has uncovered – currently in Phase III trials – may soon prevent the No. 1 cause of death in the United States.

Even better, this treatment is one of the most lucrative types of medicine in the world of biotechnology. Several drugs in this segment have been worth between $2 billion and $12 billion in peak annual sales.

If the next trial is successful and it receives regulatory approval, Dave thinks that realistically this drug could be worth $10 billion. Yet... the company he's recommending is only worth a tenth that today.

Dave and Brett are so confident that this company can double your money in the next 18 months that they're providing a research guarantee... If the stock doesn't go up by 100% or more within the next 18 months, they'll give you back full credit for every dollar you spend on their research.

It's the first time I've ever seen them make this sort of guarantee... In fact, it may be the first time we've ever made it in the history of Stansberry Research.

Again, there's no spin here. The work that Dave does at Venture Technology is not easy... and the gains can be incredible.

But there is also typically a fair amount of risk in these companies.That's why Dave has laid out the three most likely outcomes of the next 18 months for this company in a new presentation, online here.

If this opportunity isn't for you – no problem.

But if you might be interested... I highly recommend taking the time to learn more right now. Dave's Venture Technology strategy is an incredible way to add significant upside to your portfolio.

And this offer is the lowest-risk way I've ever seen for Dave's Venture Technology research.

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Here's to our health, wealth, and a great retirement,

Dr. David Eifrig and the Health & Wealth Bulletin Research Team
July 17, 2018