Building Wealth

The Amazon Effect

The big guys keep getting bigger…

Online shopping giant Amazon (AMZN) announced yesterday that it settled on locations for the company’s second and third headquarters. It chose New York City’s Long Island City and Arlington, Virginia.

The One Number All Investors Must Know

Doc’s note: “Every business has a key metric that investors must understand. Without knowing a business’ key metric, you might as well take your money to Vegas and gamble it away.”

That’s according to my colleague and Extreme Value editor Dan Ferris. Today, I’m sharing an essay from Dan where he explains how this understanding one metric will give your portfolio a dramatic upgrade… and help you sleep better at night.

Ignore the Midterms, Focus on John

Doc’s note: Today I’m sharing an essay from Jeff Havenstein. Jeff recently got his MBA from Old Dominion University and works as a junior analyst for my newsletters, Retirement MillionaireRetirement Trader, and Income Intelligence. Today, he shares one of his favorite unconventional market indicators… his friend John.

Prepare Your Portfolio With ‘All-Weather Protection’ Today

Doc’s note: “30% declines aren’t frequent, they are inevitable.”

Today my colleague and portfolio manager of Stansberry Portfolio Solutions Austin Root explains why “playing it safe” can give you a huge advantage in the market… So the next time we see stocks drop 30%, you’ll be okay.

Are You Listening Now?

If you’ve been deeply hurt by the market over past few weeks, you haven’t been listening…

The S&P 500 is down 8% for the month and it’s down 8.5% from its 52-week high. We’re approaching correction territory but haven’t hit it yet.

The Secret Nobody Wants to Hear About Stocks

Doc’s note: Valuation matters. Buying businesses at cheap prices will always beat buying them when they’re expensive. The same holds true with stocks, but how do you know when stocks are cheap?

Today, my colleague and True Wealth Systems editor Dr. Steve Sjuggerud shares his secret on valuing stocks.

Going Contrarian on a Fruity Breakfast Trend

A recent trend has me worried…

For the past few years, it’s become a common part of everyday life. And you’ve probably noticed, too…

Profit From This Hype-Driven Market

Doc’s note: We’ve shared news of the coming “Melt Up” event we see ahead in this bull market. Tonight, Steve Sjuggerud is hosting a free event with some of the biggest names in finance. You’ll get all the latest details on the Melt Up and the best way to position your portfolio.

But before tonight, we wanted to get to the heart of what it all really means. That’s why we interviewed Stansberry Research analyst Brett Eversole. Brett has worked closely with Steve on his Melt Up thesis. And today, he’s sharing his view of what lies ahead in the market and how we can profit.

The Secret to Keeping Your Mind Sharp

My friend and colleague Porter Stansberry has a great saying: “There is no teaching, only learning.”

It’s the kind of attitude that will keep Porter’s brain sharp for years to come.

What You Need to Watch in the Market Now

Earnings season is underway…

And this earnings season is one you should pay close attention to if you’re in the market. It could even play a significant role in my friend and colleague Steve Sjuggerud’s “Melt Up” prediction.