Do What I Do

This week, a reader wrote in with a request: "Please stop saying, 'Do like I do.'"

It's a phrase my longtime subscribers know well. It's become a catchphrase of mine.

Before I launched my first newsletter, Retirement Millionaire, I sat down with Porter Stansberry (my publisher and good friend) to decide what sort of letter we wanted to create...

We imagined subscribers sitting at a bar... and I was the bartender offering advice and sharing my own stories with the regulars.

I didn't want people to think I was giving "Do what I say, not what I do" advice. I wanted my readers to know that I've been through similar experiences and that I follow my own advice.

One of the benefits of Retirement Millionaire Daily is that I also get to share readers' advice from all different fields... We have PhDs, engineers, financial professionals, Sunday-school teachers, construction experts, lawyers, retirees, executives at every level, investment bankers, and even a few young folks who are getting a head start on their financial future.

That's why we answer questions and share tips and feedback from subscribers each Friday. Today, I'm sharing a mix of my own stories as well as tips from other readers...

Q: I like the Uber idea. My understanding is that a certain driver could be requested, (not sure). For a senior, knowing that one person could be their "personal driver" might help ease things, less scary than random cabs. Seniors usually feel that taking a cab is too extravagant. Could you set up an Uber account that the kids paid for? – D.S.

A: This is a great topic, D.S. First, the easy part...

Yes, you can take care of Mom or Dad's ride. Uber features a Family Program that allows you to pay for rides for users in your family. You can see how to set it up right here. If Mom or Dad don't want to set up their ride, you can use your own account to request a ride for someone else. You just change the pickup address. Here's how to do that.

However, ride-sharing programs like Uber and Lyft do not currently allow you to request specific drivers.

Uber's business model automatically matches you with the closest driver. If there's only one Uber driver in your parents' neighborhood, then chances are good that's who you will get. But anywhere else and you can't know until the ride is booked.

Lyft, Uber's competitor, takes not only distance into account but also how long the driver has been waiting for a fare. That makes it even less likely you'll get the same driver.

I've had a few drivers over the years who gave me their number and told me to call them. I haven't done that though – it takes the convenience out of it. Plus, some ride-sharing companies only cover insurance and liability when the app is in use. That means if the driver has an accident giving a ride "off the book," there's no additional coverage.

There are other transportation methods available for older folks too, which we'll explore in a future issue. Stay tuned...

Q: Could and would you please give us your recipe for your baking soda and salt mouthwash? – J.E.

A: I don't use any exact recipe for it. It's about equal parts baking soda and water, with just a dash of salt for toothpaste. If you want to use it as mouthwash, double the water. I'll make enough for a couple of days.

I do use toothpaste a few times per week and sometimes I'll use Scope. (I still like the minty-fresh feeling from time to time.) But mostly, I stick to my baking soda and salt mixture.

Q: Doc you are great! I'm one who never flossed (cause my teeth are very tight together) until my hygienist sent me some Plackers. They are floss stretched over a small plastic "U." Easy, work great, done in two minutes. $1 a bag of 30 at a dollar store. – A.D.

A: That's a great tip for anyone who doesn't want to get their hands dirty. I know several people around the office prefer using those over traditional floss. Thanks for the recommendation.

And if you're interested in buying in bulk and saving yourself a trip, it looks like Amazon has a six-count pack of 90 (so 540 total) for about $15. That comes out to about 2.8 cents apiece, compared with 3.3 cents for the 30-for-$1 at the dollar store.

Q: You suggest not using antibiotic soap but all nurses and doctors use antibiotic lotions upon entering and exiting rooms in hospitals. Isn't this making the problem of drug resistant strains worse? – J.S.

A: Remember that hospital patients often have compromised immune systems.

I'm a supporter of hospital staff sanitizing their hands before and after working with patients. Both for the patients' safety and for others coming into contact with hospital staff.

Q: [In September], I began buying gold and silver shares. I experienced a lot of volatility, but then it happened. The shares I'd bought that had been trading up, down, and sideways began to take off. I also bought physical gold and silver, just in case the buying power of paper money and the dollar evaporated.

While I see that all of Porter's Gold Investor-recommended shares are up double digits, I'm amazed and humbled to say that I think he was a little late getting into the game. But, I admit, I listened to Matt Badiali and bought many of the miners, junior miners and developers he recommended in his Resource Report, and, today, my portfolio that is limited to these shares is performing better than any portfolio I have ever had.

Overall, as of today, my gold and silver portfolio is up 119.40%. I have never experienced anything like this in my investing life, and while I'm sure there will be more volatility and corrections in the gold and silver market, I'm staying the course and am convinced that I couldn't be invested in any sector that could perform better, now in the near term or in the future. – V.T.

A: That's a fantastic return, V.T.

As I mentioned in yesterday's Daily issue, right now is the best time to own gold. In that update, I also detailed that Porter was making a special offer for his Stansberry Gold Investor service.

If you're interested in buying Porter's recommended companies – gold and gold-mining stocks that are outperforming the price of bullion by about 6-to-1, with average gains of 43% vs. a 7% increase in gold – membership to Stansberry Gold Investor is still open.

As the gold surge continues, these are the companies that you want to own. So if you're interested in the type of gains that V.T. has experienced... gains that are only possible in a gold bull market... I urge you to consider Porter's service. Click here to learn more.

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