Do You Play It Safe or Go for More Gains? Here’s How to ‘Do Both’

It’s the challenge that faces investors every day…

You want to earn the biggest gains possible from the market… And to do that, you have to be invested as stocks rise.

At the same time, you don’t want to see your wealth drop by 20%, 30%, or even 50% on the whims of the market. It’s hard to grow your wealth without investing in the stock market… and it’s even harder to hold on to what you have if you’re blindsided by a crash.

Today, that problem is even more serious than usual.

Lately, my phone has been ringing off the hook from friends concerned about the market hitting new highs and valuations getting stretched. Everyone wants to know how to dodge the next big crash. “When will it hit? How will I know when to get out?”

Meanwhile, the economy looks healthy – so a crash could still be a long time off. And the final “Melt Up” stage (to borrow an apt phrase from my colleague Steve Sjuggerud) of a bull market tends to be the most profitable.

Some think the answer lies in figuring out when the market will turn. That’s not going to help. It’s too difficult. You can go wrong by getting out too early, getting out too late, getting back in too early, or staying out for too long.

No one is going to get all of that right.

A year from now, you may be at a cocktail party. One guy there will have been scared out of the market. One guy will have held all the way through.

Today, we don’t know which one of them will be right. But when they turn to you and ask, “What did you do? Did you play it safe or go for big gains?” you’ll be able to say…

“I did both.”

For seven years in Retirement Trader, we’ve had incredible success selling options. On Friday, we closed out another four winning positions – bringing our streak up to 104 closed consecutive winners.

And now, we’re entering a period which could turn into one of the best times to buy options, as well as sell them.

That’s why I created the “Eifrig Guardrail Trade.” By expanding our playbook to include buying options – you’ll be able to learn how you can put a “guardrail” on the at-risk portions of your portfolio to protect against a sudden market downturn… and stay safely positioned for more upside.

All the details, including step-by-step instructions on how to protect your portfolio are in a hot-off-the-press special report called, “The Eifrig Guardrail Trade.” In this report, I also include three easy and safe trades you can make right now.

But time is running out – you only have until midnight to join my subscribers and “do both” no matter which way the market turns.

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Here’s to our health, wealth, and a great retirement,

Dr. David Eifrig and the Retirement Millionaire Daily Research Team
September 25, 2017