Don't Be a Gambler... Be the House

The secret to safely making huge income streams all comes down to gambling...

I know that sounds crazy. You're probably wondering how in the world "gambling" has anything to do with an investment strategy that lets you earn safe, steady income.

Here's why...

A share of stock represents a slice of ownership of a company. As you probably know, these ownership stakes in thousands of businesses trade on stock exchanges.

You might have heard news stories that mention the price of Alphabet stock... or ExxonMobil stock... or Apple stock. And it's likely that you've bought such a stock... or own some in your retirement account through various investment vehicles.

The stock market is full of gamblers... people who attempt to trade short-term price movements. They jump in and out of positions in a matter of days or weeks.

These gamblers don't pay much attention to the quality of the businesses they are buying. They're simply looking to make a quick buck on (often random) price movements.

These people treat the stock market as a giant casino... where they can gamble with thousands (even millions) of dollars for a shot of "hitting it big."

These gamblers love to trade "stock options."

Stock options are one of the most misunderstood financial vehicles. The mainstream press – and even your broker – will tell you options are inherently risky and virtually guaranteed to lead to financial ruin.

This is just not true. It's a crude and unsophisticated view of the markets. The real story is that when used properly, stock options can drastically lower your investment risk... while dramatically increasing your returns.

I know this statement probably goes against what you've heard about options. For most folks, it's like someone telling you that regularly eating burgers and fries is good for your health.

But in the case of stock options, what I've said is 100% true. Believing otherwise prevents people from making extraordinary returns... while taking little risk.

So let's repeat it again: Counter to what most people believe, stock options can drastically lower your investment risk... while drastically increasing your returns. The key is, we can use stock options to become "the house" that collects on bets that gamblers make on short-term market movements.

You see, the way most people use stock options increases the risk to their capital. But the strategy I'll show you uses stock options to decrease the risk to your capital.

Used in the conservative manner I share with Retirement Trader subscribers, options can allow you to safely generate double-digit income streams in a retirement account.

We do it by collecting the money others gamble away.

I'm willing to say that the techniques we use in Retirement Trader form the greatest investment income strategy in the world.

This strategy can be used to safely and conservatively generate 15% or more in annual income on a retirement account (or a regular portfolio).

From April 2010 to October 2013, we used this strategy to close 136 consecutive trading positions for a profit. We suffered no losses. And subscribers made millions of dollars.

And as I write this in June 2024, we just finished another incredible win streak. We just had 211 winning trades in a row.

If you want to see a real demonstration of how my strategy works, make sure you watch this video where teach professional golfer Kevin Kisner all about it.

I walked Kevin through the basics of how to make these types of trades. And I even got him to put his money to work with his very first trade.

Kisner can drive the golf ball a mile. You've probably seen him in contention at PGA Tour tournaments. And now, with the tools I gave him, he can collect hundreds and thousands of dollars of income each month.

Click here to watch my sit-down with Kevin Kisner.

Here's to our health, wealth, and a great retirement,

Dr. David Eifrig and the Health & Wealth Bulletin Research Team
June 17, 2024