Getting Everything You Need... Without Ever Leaving Home

Technology saved my Turkey Day...

A few days before the holiday, our guest list unexpectedly increased.

I knew we would need more food, but I also realized I didn't have enough dishes to actually serve it all.

I didn't even have a bowl to serve my famous cranberry sauce. (Just a bag of cranberries, one tablespoon of sugar, some orange zest, and a splash of lime juice. Trust me.)

That's when Amazon came to the rescue.

I was struck by the ease and simplicity of going onto Amazon's website and ordering everything I needed... a new turkey platter, bowls, etc.

All it took was 15 minutes of shopping online and two days later, everything was on my doorstep. No fighting traffic or the crowds at stores.

This led me to realize I don't even need to leave my house to get most services. I can order groceries online, as well as clothing, household items, even house-cleaning services.

And soon, you won't even have to bother going online to order. Amazon's already working on this with products like Echo.

One company in particular is about to make a big leap forward with consumer technologies. And the price to get into it now is perfect.

I'm talking about this company and its new technology leap in the next issue of Retirement Millionaire, which will be out next Wednesday. If you're not already a Retirement Millionaire subscriber, click here so you don't miss this investment opportunity.

Q: Always appreciate your missives on all things health. I think you may have missed one thing in regard to your suggestion to "skip" the fiber supplement and look to fruits and veggies, which I agree with... but for people who have hemorrhoids, taking a fiber powder daily allows for a much smoother and less irritating bowel movement. Fruit and veggies will NOT help the way psyllium powder will. Trust me... I know this to be a fact. – R.

A: Most people don't need to take fiber pills. Longtime readers know that for most nutrients, we can get what we need just by eating whole foods. Keep in mind that we write for a large and varied audience.

That's why I've warned readers before about the dangers of blindly following advice (even mine). Not every piece of advice works for everyone. My goal is to educate. So I hope readers use this letter as part of their own research when determining the best ways to improve and prolong their health.

Q: So based on your 12/2 email, I checked my and my wife's toothpastes, and both have fluoride. Can you give us toothpaste brands that do not have fluoride? – D.S.

A: Finding fluoride-free toothpaste is tough. But one brand a few people around the office like is Tom's of Maine. They offer several fluoride-free toothpastes on their website. You can find them right here.

You could skip buying toothpaste altogether and just do what I do... I mix about equal parts baking soda and water, with just a dash of salt for toothpaste. If you want to use it as mouthwash, double the water. I'll make enough for a couple of days.

Q: I want to start by saying I absolutely love your articles and your newsletters. I am a Retirement Trader, Retirement Millionaire, and Income Intelligence subscriber as well. I also appreciate your health advice and your daily newsletter. I just wanted to add a couple more notes to your article on Teflon pans.

One other type of pan that could be used is ceramic. It does not rust like cast iron, and also doesn't need to be seasoned. It cleans very nicely and does not stick. And it is beautiful, you can take it right from the stove or oven and use it to serve your food on the table with. Also, it withstands very high temperatures. The downside is that it is expensive. I look at it as an investment in my health.

Also, as you mentioned at the end of your article, if you have to be replacing your pans every few years because of chips then one might as well just splurge and get the good stuff to start with. I just wanted to send you a quick note, and hopefully this will help you on your health journey. Take care and thank you again for all the good advice. – L.D.

A: Thanks for your loyal readership. Quite a few readers wrote in suggesting ceramic cookware. And a few people around the office said they prefer ceramic over cast iron because it requires less upkeep. Stainless steel is another good option. They're just as nonstick as Teflon plans and hold up well over the years. Some ceramic and stainless steel cookware is even dishwasher safe.

It really just depends on what price you want to pay, what you're using it for, and just your personal preference. But all three are good options to keep you away from Teflon pans.

What do you like cooking with? Share your favorite products with us at [email protected].

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