Hidden Government Report Details 95% of America May Be at Risk

In March 2017, California’s Department of Public Health lost a major court case…

Dr. Joel Moskowitz, director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the University of California-Berkeley, sued the department for withholding information that could be vital to the health of billions of people around the world.

Dr. Moskowitz has spent years studying the health effects of cellphones. He’s not alone either… Cellphones cause a host of problems, from eye strain to male infertility. And now there’s reason to think they could even kill you.

That isn’t a typo. And it’s not a wild claim…

In 2014, Dr. Moskowitz requested that the department release a set of guidelines for the safe use of cellphones. The department compiled the two-page document that year, but stamped it as a “Draft and Not for Public Release.” After he kept facing denials for releasing the information, Dr. Moskowitz sued the department.

The department claimed that the guidelines were a preliminary draft… As such, it wasn’t required to release the draft to the public. It stated that the agency wasn’t required to warn the public about unproven health risks. The agency didn’t want to cause “unnecessary panic.” It wanted to keep us in the dark.

Thankfully, the Superior Court of Sacramento agreed that the public has a right to know.

The idea that cellphones could give us cancer or other health problems started back when the first phones hit the market in 1984. Since then, anyone raising the alarm about health problems got labeled as a “truther,” “kook,” “attention-seeking alarmist,” or “conspiracy theorist.” Big Medicine, Big Brother, and Big Media all laughed them down.

Until now.

The release of this information adds to the growing pile of evidence that these ubiquitous devices that we rely on for work, family life, and personal entertainment pose a risk to our health.

According to the data from the Pew Research Center, 95% of American adults now own a cellphone. That’s a dramatic increase from 11 years ago when “only” 73% of adults had one.

That means 95% of you reading this report are in danger.

I’m used to railing against the status quo of the medical community. For years, I’ve warned my subscribers about things like the dangers of the antibacterial chemical triclosan, low-salt diets, and misinformation about coffee and bacon. I’ve even written about the real cause of heart disease. (It’s not high cholesterol.)

Over time, I’ve seen validation.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned triclosan from hand soaps… New studies show that removing too much sodium from your diet damages your heart and contributes to falls… and the World Cancer Research Fund added coffee to its list of ways to protect yourself from liver cancer. And more and more studies point to inflammation as the cause of heart disease, not food-derived cholesterol.

That’s why, given the body of evidence, I think cellphones are far more dangerous than we believe right now.

Here’s my newest warning… Your cellphone could kill you.

At least, it has the potential to make you extremely sick and could lead to fatal diseases like cancer. But if you use common sense and follow my tips for best cellphone practices, you can effectively protect yourself and your loved ones.

To understand the potential danger, I’ve released a new special report that explains EVERYTHING you need to know about electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation exposure. My Retirement Millionaire subscribers can read it immediately as a part of their subscription, right here: “How to Protect Yourself from Your Cellphone and Other Devices – The EMF Radiation Protocol.”

Next week, I’ll detail a little more about the risks, and a few simple steps that anyone can take immediately to help protect yourself.

And if you’re not a Retirement Millionaire subscriber, learn more about cellphone radiation by clicking here for a video presentation I put together to get the word out about this significant danger. (If you’d prefer to read a transcript, you can do so by clicking here.)

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Dr. David Eifrig and the Retirement Millionaire Daily Research Team
May 8, 2017