How I Helped Readers Through the Financial Crisis

After a decade on Wall Street and after I graduated from medical school, I got my start in the newsletter business writing about olive oil and sunshine.

I'm serious.

You see, I met Stansberry Research founder (and my friend) Porter Stansberry more than 13 years ago through my brother. I was working as an eye surgeon at the time.

Porter liked my ideas about how individuals should take control of their health... understand the latest medical research... and challenge the conventional wisdom most doctors spoon-feed their patients.

He wanted to do more to help his readers live a good life, not just make money. So I started writing essays about health for Stansberry.

Of course, I may have started with health essays... but Stansberry also got my expertise as a former derivatives trader at Goldman Sachs in the deal.

We soon launched Retirement Millionaire with the idea that folks wanted to hear not only from an MD, but also from the same guy with an MBA and experience on Wall Street.

And our timing was, in a way, perfect...

At that moment, we were in the depths of the 2008 financial crisis. I noted to Porter that it was the ideal time to sell options. I remember talking with him about stocks with "implied volatility" above 100... And all that means is that you can get paid a lot of money to sell options when implied volatility is high.

As skilled as Porter was in picking stocks and investing, like many investors, he had long ignored options. He knew little about them and even less about how they worked. So he stuck to his area of expertise in picking high-quality businesses.

But when we reviewed the math of the opportunities in the last market collapse, I was able to convince him that even the best stock pickers ought to use options.

The market was nearing a bottom, but you could still earn huge premiums by selling puts or covered calls. After all, by selling these options, you can pick a great business that you want to buy at a great price... and get paid to wait for the stock price to come down.

Porter was especially convinced because I showed him that it was exactly what I was doing with my own money... And that it was working.

He started doing it himself... and we even went so far as to launch one of the very first put-selling trading advisories geared toward everyday investors – the Put Strategy Report.

When the crisis passed, I retooled the strategy to earn generous returns even when the market wasn't in crisis. We launched it as Retirement Trader in 2010.

Had I not earned Porter and his subscribers tens of thousands of dollars (or more) during the financial crisis, I probably would not be part of Stansberry Research today. Nothing proves your worth like making immediate money in the market.

That was my start at Stansberry Research. And I wouldn't change a thing.

Since then, my team and I have gone on to launch a few more services like Income Intelligence in 2013 and Advanced Options in late2018. And of course, I've been writing Health & Wealth Bulletin since 2015.

I love writing about health and wealth... and I take great pride in knowing that many readers have benefited from our work here at Stansberry Research, by living a healthier life and by growing retirement accounts.

I've especially enjoyed getting to know many of our most devoted readers – our Alliance partners – through our annual Alliance Conference and other events that we hold.

The truth is that the core strength of Stansberry Research is our network of enlightened readers.

If you've ever thought about joining us here at Stansberry for good – with no more sales pitches and expensive annual renewal fees – I encourage you to consider becoming an Alliance partner.

Porter, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, and I went on video at Porter's farm to talk about our business – from what we've been able to accomplish over the past few years to the No. 1 thing you should do immediately to grow your wealth in 2021.

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Here's to our health, wealth, and a great retirement,

Dr. David Eifrig and the Health & Wealth Bulletin Research Team
December 16, 2020