How to Finally Put Your Financial House in Order

Doc's note: Today, I'm sharing an essay from our publisher and Stansberry Research founder, Porter Stansberry.

Porter details the simplest way to realize your investment goals... without spending hours on research.


For some reason, it seems that most people don't take good investment decisions (asset allocation, position sizing, and risk management) seriously...

Likewise, it seems like some law of human nature dictates that most people will only buy investments that are extremely risky and volatile. Subscribers tend to completely ignore our best advice, which is to build a portfolio around a firm foundation of super-high-quality, low-volatility stocks.

I (Porter) would estimate about 90% of your actual investment results are dictated by your allocation decisions – how much capital you put into each position – not which particular stocks you buy.

I want that to stop forever.

I'd like this to be the year that most of our subscribers finally begin to take our work (and their portfolios) seriously. I'd like this to be the year you finally realize your ultimate investment goals, which are to be firmly in control of your wealth and completely on the right track.

And I'm going to do everything I can to help you get there... including what you'll find below...

Today, I'm going to give you the most valuable gift you might ever receive...

I'm going to tell you exactly how to finally "get there" with your investing. Let this be the year when you don't end up bitterly disappointed with your investment results.

There's no reason you can't achieve great results. You have the information you need. Now you just have to take about an hour each month – no more – to put it to work.

And I'll explain exactly how to do it.

It would be wonderful if I had a crystal ball and could predict exactly how the future will unfold...

But that's never going to happen.

You have to design your portfolio to succeed no matter the macro environment.

How have you done in your portfolio?

If you've been following our advice, you should have done pretty well. But if you haven't taken the time to get organized... if you don't take a whole-portfolio approach... if you inevitably put too much capital in the wrong stocks, and not enough in the right ones... what are you going to do about it?

You have two choices.

You can satisfy one well-known definition of insanity and keep repeating the same experiment while expecting different (better) results.

Or – option No. 2 – you can finally begin to invest like a pro. You can finally begin to capitalize on the research you've already bought. You can allocate appropriately. You can follow your stop-loss discipline. You can finally "get there."

And you can do it all in about one hour per month. How?

Last year, we rolled out a new product...

It's designed to make following our advice completely foolproof – so easy that the average sixth-grader could do it. Even better, we're going to make using our best ideas to build your wealth more convenient than ever before.

You see, last year, I changed the focus of our business forever. Rather than publishing just individual newsletters with a list of recommendations, we created complete portfolio solutions.

That's why we call this product Stansberry Portfolio Solutions.

These are completely built-out portfolios. All of the positions are selected by our investment committee (that's me, Steve Sjuggerud, and Doc Eifrig). To serve all of our subscribers, we offer three different portfolio options. You can subscribe to one or all. Let me tell you just a bit about how each portfolio works...

The first portfolio is called Capital.

You'll find around 20 different positions in this portfolio. All of our best ideas are in here, selected from our leading publications: Stansberry's Investment Advisory, True Wealth, Extreme Value, Retirement Millionaire, Commodity Supercycles, and Stansberry Gold & Silver Investor. All of this is allocated for you, down to the exact number of shares to buy per $100,000 invested.

To follow our advice, you just have to hand the list to your broker or type in the stocks on your online brokerage account. Done. (Since its launch last February, The Capital Portfolio has returned nearly 27% on an annualized basis – beating the broader S&P 500 Index – as of January 18.)

The second portfolio is called Income.

Again, you'll find around 20 positions in this portfolio. They overlap some with The Capital Portfolio, but here, the positions are geared to produce current income. That means we add our fixed-income research (Stansberry's Credit Opportunities and Income Intelligence) into the mix.

Once again, you'll get our complete advice about allocation – down to the number of shares to buy. You're free to modify our portfolio in any way you want, but if you just want to follow our advice, you'll be able to do so, immediately, without lifting a finger or reading a single newsletter. (The Income Portfolio has returned about 14% on an annualized basis since February, as of January 18.)

(Obviously, anyone who subscribes to these portfolios will get complete access to the underlying newsletters, too. And we certainly hope that you'll read them and stay fully informed. But the point is, you don't have to if you don't want to.)

Finally, we call the last portfolio Total.

As you'd expect, it contains investment ideas drawn from all of the research we produce, including our most exclusive publications, like Stansberry's Big Trade, Retirement Trader, Stansberry Alpha, True Wealth China Opportunities, and True Wealth Systems. This portfolio is a bit larger as a result, with up to 40 different positions. This is the option for folks who want everything and want to be most diversified. (Since February, The Total Portfolio is up more than 18% on an annualized basis, as of January 18.)

This new, higher level of service finally allows every subscriber to keep up with our best ideas and never again suffer from "portfolio disappointment."

To make this option even more appealing, we include two things that I think will make a lot of you very, very happy.

First, we built a team of analysts to create the Stansberry NewsWire service. This team analyzes every single bit of information that's released by or about these companies. They pass along any important developments to you, in real time. You might not want to read every single piece of news about your investments. But if you do, you won't have to go looking for it. It comes directly to you.

Second, we package everything up and send it to you once a month. In one e-mail, you'll find the current portfolio, any changes we're making to it, a brief review of all of the news surrounding our portfolio companies, and a few brief notes from Doc, Steve, or me. To make sure that you stay organized, we prepare one-page summaries of each portfolio company.

With Stansberry Portfolio Solutions, you'll be able to manage your wealth in less than one hour per month. You can finally "be there" in regard to your investment goals.

Click here to get started.


Porter Stansberry

January 29, 2018