How to Triple Your Chances of Making 10x Gains

I hope you listened in last night...

Porter detailed an unusual pattern his team found while investigating the 100 top-performing stocks of the last 20 years...

About 25 of these stocks were what you might expect – "hyper-growth" stocks like consumer-products giant Apple... online-shopping website Amazon... or biotech giant Gilead Sciences.

But the remaining 75 stocks were quite different. They aren't particularly well known today... And they're a fraction of the size of mega-cap stocks like Apple.

Porter threw out names like all-terrain vehicle maker Polaris, farm-and-ranch store Tractor Supply, and discount retailer Ross Stores.

These businesses are all straightforward. You don't need a technological revolution, groundbreaking innovation, or an app to sell four-wheelers, animal feed, or bargain-priced clothes.

And yet, if you had invested in any one of these businesses 20 years ago, you'd be up well over 1,000% today.

Of course, you can't blindly choose a small company and expect to make huge returns. You have to figure out why these companies did so well.

Last night, Porter detailed the three factors behind the success of these companies... And he showed how you can apply it to your portfolio with a chance of incredible long-term gains.

And there was one aspect to Porter's research that I found especially relevant for our retirement-focused perspective...

You can make safe, double-digit gains, year after year, by focusing on the same industries and types of businesses that he recommends in Stansberry's Investment Advisory and that I focus on in Retirement Millionaire.

You just have to make one very important adjustment...

This adjustment has to do with what Porter is calling the "D-Factor." His goal is to find companies that have been overlooked by the market because they're "too small" or "too boring." Small-cap, low volatility, growing companies with decent cash flows and little debt. And the most important input to the D-Factor is size.

As I mentioned yesterday, we can't buy these stocks in my Retirement Millionaire letter. They're simply too small. Instead, we get exposure to small-cap stocks by investing in a fund that buys a lot of small companies...

Of course, as you heard Porter explain with the "D-Factor" last night, there's an even more powerful way of discovering and investing in small-cap stocks.

He showed how to find these types of stocks... stocks that can return 1,000% or more... for your own portfolio. If you missed it, we're currently working on getting a replay of the webinar online. And you can learn the details of Porter's strategy right here.

We're still preparing a transcript of the full event, but I've highlighted a few of last night's best questions and answers below...

Question: Who is the service for... And who is the service not for?

Porter: Great question. This service is for anyone that has at least $50,000 to invest, who wants to be in stocks, and who is intellectually interested in real investing.

If you're not, forget about it. You're never going to survive the volatility. I got to tell you – it's a wonderful thing when you see a stock that you love go down 20% for no good reason at all. Wahoo! But if you've never had that reaction... then this just isn't for you.

You have to see the difference between volatility and risk. You have to want to be an owner of a meaningful stake in a great and growing business.

Question: Is Venture Value included in the Alliance?

Porter: No. It never has been. We launched Venture before we made our first Stansberry Alliance offer. It has never been included, and it won't ever be included.

But we do have a very fair price only for current Alliance, Flex, and Venture subscribers. We're never going to turn our backs on you. You're the whole reason we're in business.

Please call us today at 1-800-758-0689 if you're a Stansberry Alliance, Flex, or current Venture subscriber for your exclusive offer.

Question: Do dividends play a role in these "10x Project" stocks?

Porter: It's not about what the dividend rate is today. These are growth stories. It's about what the dividend will grow to. Most of these companies currently pay no dividend at all. This is a capital-growth story. And there are two kinds of capital growth...

The first is the kind where you take a huge risk on product development or technology. And that's where Dave Lashmet does a great job at Venture Technology.

Then there's Venture Value... which is a whole different ball of wax. It's not about understanding whether or not these businesses are going to keep making their product. It's about understanding that these companies are growing from a small base and reinvesting their profits into their future business.

Question from a Retirement Millionaire Daily reader: I will be a mile high flying to Seattle and of course cannot take part in hearing about Porter's "10x performing stock" strategy webinar. Will there be a transcript available? – Jim R.

Doc: Great question, Jim. We're still getting the replay ready for folks who weren't able to listen in during last night's event. Again, if you'd like to learn more about this strategy, click here to hear the details... and the simple adjustment you can make with your own portfolio...

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Here's to our health, wealth, and a great retirement,

Dr. David Eifrig and the Retirement Millionaire Daily Research Team
Baltimore, Maryland
February 16, 2017

P.S. I almost forgot to mention two very important things.

  1. One, a subscription to Venture Value is ONLY available on a lifetime basis. And once it gets a certain number of subscribers, Porter has talked about raising the price to $50,000. Yes, that's far too much for 99.99% of folks to pay. That's his point.
  2. And two, it also comes with access to Dave Lashmet's model portfolio – Venture Technology essentially as a free bonus. Since Dave launched Venture Technology, he has found five stocks that have gone up more than 100%. You'll receive full access to his model portfolio, and all his future stock recommendations, included in your lifetime subscription.

This exclusive pairing is the most elite research that Stansberry Research has ever produced. It's the best deal that Porter plans to ever offer... and the longest-possible subscription term. Click here for the full details.