How We Made 78% in 14 Days

There was no way this stock was going to be worth less than $55 by June 21...

I was certain of it. And I was willing to bet on it. If I was right, folks who took my advice could nearly triple their money in a few months.

It turns out we didn't need to wait until June. We were able to earn a big chunk of the potential gains in just two weeks.

Here's how we did it...

On February 25, I told subscribers of my new Advanced Options service to make a trade on cigarette-maker Altria (MO). We bet that Altria would trade for more than $55 by June 21.

At the time of our trade, Altria was trading around $52 a share, which we considered a bargain.

So much so that in January, I told my Income Intelligence subscribers, "The valuation of today's shares is simply too low. A 10% to 20% short-term move higher is likely."

And we were right...

In just 14 days, shares of Altria rose 7%. But thanks to our options strategy, our trade was already up 78%.

We decided to take profits off the table and close the trade on Monday. For a trade that was supposed to last 116 days, we'll take a 78% gain in two weeks any day.

These are the type of gains we expect from Advanced Options.

Most investors think options are too risky and expensive.

But, if used correctly, this strategy reduces your risk and massively increases your profit potential.

And you can enter one of these trades for as little as $100 to $200.

Advanced Options is designed specifically to achieve triple-digit gains in a short period of time by using options market techniques most investors have never heard of nor tried. You could potentially increase profits, reduce risks, and even profit when a stock's price (or the market as a whole) goes down or barely moves.

And by no means is our trade on Altria a one-hit wonder.

For only making a handful of trades and running this service for only a couple months, we also made 60% on heating and cooling equipment maker Ingersoll Rand (IR) in 21 days and 71.4% on coffeehouse chain Starbucks (SBUX) in 25 days... Both trades boasted annualized gains of more than 1,000%.

These aren't just paper gains either. These are real subscribers making real money. From one current subscriber...

Doc, I am so pleased that I subscribed to Advanced Options from the very first day! Thank you for giving me access to Retirement Trader, as well. One of the HUGE differences between the two is the amount of capital tied up with covered calls and naked puts... compared to the simple option spreads. Though my account balance is small, my interest is high. I can't just lay down $6500 for a single position in CSX. However, I easily opened the bull spread on IR and set a limit of $2.40 to exit. It was exercised yesterday for a net return of 55.73%. Since this was my first Advanced Options spread, I went with just a single contract. Now, I wish that I had gone with 10 contracts!

Advanced Options is the perfect strategy for guys like me with small account balances and an abiding interest in options. Thank you, Doc! By the way, I am making these spread trades from my IRA account. So cool! – R.D.

Making Advanced Options trades is fun. It also doesn't take a huge portfolio to take advantage of this strategy. Each trade will only cost a couple hundred bucks to make. And anyone can do it.

Our main goal (besides making you money) is educating you about options and our strategy...

We have hours and hours of educational material that walk you through option basics all the way to the ins and outs of our advanced money-making strategies. By far the most common compliment we get from current subscribers is that the educational content we provide is priceless.

For example, if you're worried about a market crash, you'll want to read Monday's issue of Advanced Options.

In it, I explain where I see the market going and why I did something I haven't done in my decadelong career writing newsletters...

I made a short trade.

We picked out a pile-of-garbage company that's trading for much more than what it's worth. And when this stock tanks like we expect, we'll nearly double our money by May 17.

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Dr. David Eifrig and the Health & Wealth Bulletin Research Team
March 13, 2019