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Last Wednesday, I sat down with 
Stansberry Venture Technologyeditor Dave Lashmet to discuss some new developments in cancer research. Over the past decade, we've seen improved survival rates for cancers – including ones that once brought a swift death sentence.

Traditionally, doctors treat cancer with one or more of the "big three" therapies: radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. For example, a patient might have a tumor removed surgically, then receive radiation therapy to destroy any remaining cancerous cells.

But in only the past few years, a new form of treatment entered the scene...

Immunotherapy involves training your body's immune system to fight and kill cancer cells. I've written about it several times, including in my book The Living Cure.

Dave told our webinar listeners all about a brand-new development he recently discovered at the premier annual meeting of cancer doctors. This new machine has the potential to 
find, target, and treat tumors in less than 60 minutes.

This is a big deal.

I think combining treatments like that with cutting-edge immunotherapy will help us come much closer to eradicating cancer. And this kind of technology is just one of the many insights Dave provides in his newsletter He has his finger on the pulse of the biotech world, and better still... he knows how to profit from it.

Since launching 
Stansberry Venture Technology, Dave has recommended NINE companies before they soared 100% or more. His subscribers have enjoyed triple-digit gains from more than one in four recommendations. That's an incredible success rate.

If you missed the webinar, you can still learn more about Dave's service. We're also adding a full year of my 
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Q: Have read in a few places that Avemar [fermented wheat germ extract] can boost the immune system, and efficacy of the chemo treatment. Some articles state the product may "reduce" the number of cancer cells... What is your opinion? Any other ideas to help me out? – R.D.

A: Hi R.D. Thanks so much for writing in. When you're undergoing treatment for cancer, you're likely to hear about a lot of different herbs and supplements promising to help. It's hard to know what to believe.

We did some research on Avemar. This fermented wheat germ extract is featured in a surprising number of studies. However, we use an abundance of caution with any type of alternative-medicine study. That's because these things aren't regulated like regular drugs, and the studies aren't always well-designed...

Fermented wheat germ extract does have some randomized clinical trials as adjuvant therapy (that is, therapy used in combination with traditional treatments) that look promising. But the mechanism of action is still under investigation in the lab and certainly hasn't been seen in human studies yet.

So for now, we'd urge caution. As with any type of supplemental therapy like this, we advise you to do your research and discuss your findings with your oncologist. And whatever you do, don't stop your regular medications... If you find that an add-on therapy like this works, it's usually best when paired with the other, standard treatments.

As for research, leading cancer hospital Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has a fantastic database on integrative medicine. You can read the entry for wheat germ extract 

Q: I couldn't watch the special presentation on cancer. Is this somewhere I can still see it? – D.P.

A: If you missed the presentation, we won't have a replay. But you can learn more about the cancer breakthrough and how to invest in it by clicking here.

Q: Last night, my brother-in-law and I listened to your presentation, regarding cancer. He has non-small cell lung cancer. My question is... Can the treatment you described be of any value to his condition? If so, do you know where he can go to get treated by one of the machines you spoke of last night? – L.P.

A: We're sorry for the news of your brother-in-law's cancer. We can't be too specific as we don't know his full case (nor can we make individual recommendations), but we can suggest some resources to you...

Treatments similar to the ones Dave Lashmet discusses are available, but most are still in the clinical-trial phase. If you're interested in finding clinical trials and seeing if your brother-in-law qualifies, visit The National Institutes of Health maintains this website as a registry and database of trials conducted around the world. The American Cancer Society can also help you find clinical trials appropriate for his situation.

We also recommend looking for one of the National Cancer Institute's highly specialized treatment and clinical-trial centers that focus on specific types of cancer, called Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPOREs).

The SPOREs for lung cancer are:

Dana-Farber Harvard Cancer Center | 
Website | Phone: 1-877-420-3951
Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute | 
Website | Phone: 1-888-663-3488
Johns Hopkins University | 
Website | Phone: (410) 955-5000
University of Colorado Cancer Center | 
Website | Phone: (303) 724-3155
University of Pittsburgh Cancer Center| 
Website | Phone: (412) 647-2811
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center | 
Website | Phone: (214) 648-3111

I'd encourage you to contact them and ask questions.

Q: I missed the cancer webinar (and the chance to get a copy of your book). Is there another way I can get it? – C.A.

A: Anyone who attended the webinar on Wednesday night received a free, digital copy of my book The Living Cure. But you're in luck... We just reduced the price of the book on Amazon. Right now, you can get the paperback version for only $3.99 or a Kindle edition for just $2.99. For the research and information you'll find in the book, that price is a steal. You can get your copy right here.

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