It's Our Anniversary... Here Are a Few of Your Experiences

One year ago today, we published the first issue of Retirement Millionaire Daily.

As my longtime assistant Laura could tell you, this daily newsletter was years in the making.

One thing I knew I needed for a successful newsletter was to have a great team helping me provide the best research to help you live a healthier, wealthier life.

Every Friday, I take the time to answer a few of the questions we get. But I rarely get to share subscribers' experiences.

So today, I'm sharing some of the feedback we've gotten over the years. And you'll get a chance to revisit some of our most popular issues. If you haven't read them yet, I highly recommend you do so.

Thank you to all of you for reading and writing in. My team and I hope you enjoy reading Retirement Millionaire Daily as much as we enjoy writing it.

Feedback: I just wanted to tell you that after yesterday's readers' comments about supplements, YOU were spot on. Your medical advice and information is great and I don't know where we could get better intel than right here. Here's to YOU keeping us informed and here's to our good health! – T.B.

Doc's response: I've advocated a whole-food diet over supplements for years. For readers who want to know why, read the issue on how to "Fight Cancer Naturally."

Feedback: Wish I had known about salt a couple years ago. My level got out of balance and with a 121 reading I ended up in the hospital for a week trying to get it back up to a normal range. When mine went down it caused me to pass out and fall, bashing my face. Went to the hospital to see if I needed to be sewn up and ended up admitted. Love reading your writings. – T.C.

Doc's response: The "salt is bad for you myth" has gone on for too long. The FDA continues to perpetuate this with its proposed salt limits in food.

Learn more about the salt myth in "Dinner With the Nanny Police."

Feedback: The longer I am a subscriber to your three advisories the more respect I gain for you, the more I'm amazed at how much you are able to produce with your time and the better the quality of your work.

There is not much more I can say except thank you... I can't think of a better way to use your talents, experience, and knowledge to help people. I just hope you never retire!

Thank you for answering the exact question I was asking myself before I read the article on ignoring the Fed! – K.M.

Doc's response: Thanks for your kind words. I have a great team of people helping me with all of the research I need to publish four newsletters.

Longtime readers know I avoid the talking heads in the mainstream media. More often than not, they just spread fear... especially when it comes to the Federal Reserve and interest rates.

I talked about why I'm not worried about what the Fed is doing in "The Fed Don't Mean a Thing."

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Feedback: I hope you know I love your essays, Doc. Especially when you find great benefits from some of your favorite pleasures on the planet, i.e. bacon, coffee, and single malt or fine wine (and more of it please).

My mother is 94 and the poster child for moderation. When someone as brilliant as you can espouse and support such thoughts it makes sense... Not only do your essays make me think, I learn plenty. Thanks, Doc. – C.K.

Doc's response: Thanks as always, C.K. (I've seen you write us quite a bit!) I love enjoying all the good things in life. In fact, I've been in California working on my own wine.

But I've always advocated moderation, which you can read more about in "Who Are You Calling a Drunk?"

Feedback: I ignored my mutual funds for the most part during the last two "slumps"... I was down 50K at one time just after the 2008 crash. I just looked at a long term graph of my all-over performance since I began investing in 2002 as a reminder of how bad things could be.

I always had a long-term view and didn't invest money I could not live without. Over time my portfolio has more than doubled by reinvesting dividends and only adding limited new buys.

I'm holding more cash now then I used to and started using trailing stops since becoming a subscriber. I'm sure this will help me ride out the next "slump" with less downside.

Appreciate all your hard work and good advice. – P.H.

Doc's response: Letting your money compound and always using a stop loss are two of my favorite pieces of investment advice. They're two things any successful investor needs to know... That's why I often write about reinvesting dividends and using stop losses.

Learn about the powers of compounding here: "'Dividend Boost' Can Turn a 5% Yield Into 34.2%."

Find out how to protect your portfolio in: "Two Easy Ways to Avoid Disaster in Your Portfolio."

What's your favorite issue of Retirement Millionaire Daily? Let us know at [email protected].

Here's to our health, wealth, and a great retirement,

Dr. David Eifrig and the Retirement Millionaire Daily Research Team
October 5, 2016