The Revolution Is Underway

Doc, I think we started a revolution...

That was the response of both my assistants after they read through the flood of messages we received after our last Q&A issue of Retirement Millionaire Daily.

In the issue, I reminded my readers about my disdain for the Nanny Police and their regulatory nonsense. Big Brother can't dictate what's really best for us. As it turns out, many of you agree...

We received hundreds of e-mails with resounding cries of "with you all the way" and "I'm sick of government overreach!" Other messages contained phrases we can't put in print. One subscriber even wrote, "Someday comes the revolution!"

We love getting our readers passionate about our work. But the revolution has already started. You could call it an "empowerment revolution."

No one out there... not a single government bureaucrat, Wall Street flunky, or ivory-towered academic... not even me... knows what's best for your individual situation. The feds might promise to take care of you, but they won't. You must take care of yourself.

It has become my mantra and the core of our values here at Retirement Millionaire Daily. Our job is to provide you with all of the information so you can decide for yourself. Read everything you can. Ask questions. Empower yourself. It's time to take control over your own health and wealth.

Q: What does your research say about the sweetener stevia? I've read that it doesn't change gut flora the way the others do, but I'd like to hear your thoughts. – R.B.

A: As we mentioned before, the research on artificial sweeteners is still emerging. And stevia, in particular, is one of the newer artificial sweeteners on the market.

Unlike other artificial sweeteners, stevia is an extract from the stevia plant... so it's a more natural form of sweetener.

In a review by the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health in Zurich, researchers wrote that stevia extracts could be properly broken down by the colon. Sucralose, the main ingredient in Splenda, is not easily broken down and may even stop your colon from breaking down glucose.

Another study, from the University of Florida, points out that stevia helps reduce blood-sugar spikes after eating. It also increases the body's sensitivity to insulin, meaning you can better control the breakdown of sugar in your body.

However, there is some conflicting research about stevia and blood pressure. Some research suggests that stevia lowers your blood pressure... which leads to dangerous levels if you're already on blood-pressure-lowering medication. Unfortunately, there aren't enough studies yet for us to know just how dangerous this is.

Talk to your doctor before switching to stevia and monitor your blood pressure to know exactly how you react to the sweetener.

Q: You said that you soak your fruit in vinegar and water and then rinse with water. How much vinegar do you use per cup of water? Also, how long do you let it soak? – M.H.

A: For washing produce, we recommended a mixture of water and vinegar. Cook's Illustrated, part of the food testing service America's Test Kitchen, tried out several produce cleaners. It recommends three parts water with one part vinegar, in either a spray or a bath (depending on the type of produce). Its tests showed this vinegar wash removed 98% of bacteria. You can read the magazine's guidelines here.

Q: On June 1, you wrote about the value of reinvesting dividends in world dominating companies... The reason for my writing you today is to ask this; what is the best way to determine the "WDG's" as you call them? With tens of thousands of stocks trading on the exchanges, I don't even know where to start. – J.J.

A: Thanks, J.J. World Dominating Dividend Growers (WDDGs) have been part of the Stansberry Research philosophy for years. These companies are some of the best investments available for long-term investors.

We discuss WDDGs in my newsletter Income Intelligence. We look at balance sheets, profit margins, and risk when evaluating WDDGs. If you're already a subscriber to Income Intelligence, you can find our write-up about them in the March 2015 issue. (If you're not an Income Intelligence subscriber, learn how to get started here.)

Q: I always enjoy reading Retirement Millionaire. I always try to make time to read it and I enjoy or find useful at least 90% of the content. I may not always agree with all of Dr. Eifrig's comments or opinions. But I do believe that he is a well-intended person who truly seeks to provide a genuine service to his readers. That alone is something rare and to be respected in our current world. – P.J.

A: Thanks for the great feedback, P.J. We love hearing from our readers. In fact, we've gotten many messages offering feedback and personal stories. Keep them coming! And remember, if you have any questions or would like to suggest a topic for a future issue, write us at [email protected]. We can't respond to everyone, but we read every message you send.

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