This Market Can Make or Break You

This market could make or break a lot of people…

Particularly hardworking and committed investors with established portfolios… and especially folks who are already retired or are nearing retirement age.

If you’re like many of our Retirement Millionaire Daily readers, that might sound a lot like you.

And to be blunt – I’m worried that you may be unprepared for what might come.

That’s why for the first time in about seven years, I’m opening my “toolbox” of trading strategies… We’re doing something different…

I’ve put together a free Crash Course explaining how to “guardrail” your portfolio against a sudden and dramatic fall – while still positioning yourself for upside if this bull market continues.

On Saturday, I told you that some folks following these ideas have made profits more than 94% of the time… an incredible win rate that can turn your portfolio into a virtual ATM. These strategies allow you to tap into your current healthy portfolio positions to collect income checks like clockwork.

Yesterday in the Crash Course, I shared why you’re wasting your time trying to call the top… and walked you step-by-step through a live and actionable free trade recommendation.

And I mentioned that today I was announcing what could be the biggest and most important call of my publishing career. It’s a way to capture most of the upside left in this historic bull market… while protecting your portfolio from a potential crash.

There may not ever be a more important time to expand your investing toolbox.

Because this type of opportunity ONLY comes during the final stage of a bull market.

It’s happening right now.

If you’re unprepared… if you don’t understand how much you’re risking at this stage of the game… or if you’re ready to risk your retirement on the bull market lasting much, much longer… then this may not be for you.

But if you’re like me – if you’re growing concerned about the market’s valuation – my team and I have put together “guardrails” for some of the most widely held stocks in America… We’ve even made one for the biggest S&P 500 fund, which can provide you a guardrail for the whole market if you choose.

I’ve seen bull markets and bear markets come and go. I was working the Goldman Sachs trading desk on Black Monday during the Stock Market Crash of 1987. I’ve worked and succeeded at the highest levels of Wall Street…

And now I’ve committed my professional life to providing readers like you with simple and proven strategies for making money trade after trade – regardless of where the market goes from here.

In fact, I insisted that we publish the results of every recommendation I’ve closed out since I launched my 94%-plus success rate trading service. You can scroll through every position here

Again, if you’re at or near retirement, I believe that now is the time to learn how to position yourself to capture most of the upside that remains in this market… while protecting the gains in your most important stock positions.

You’ve probably heard or read that markets tend to crash by more than 40% once every eight to 10 years.

And I’d bet you’re aware of how long it’s been since the last market crash…

8 years, 11 months, and 20 days.

That doesn’t mean that a crash will come tomorrow. But if it does… are you prepared?

I’ve put together a full explanation of why I’m suspending business as usual and making what could be making the biggest call of my publishing career. Click here to read why you need to act today.

Here’s to our health, wealth, and a great retirement,

Dr. David Eifrig
September 19, 2017
Vancouver, British Columbia

P.S. If you’ve never put on this type of strategy – don’t worry. I explain in detail how to set up your account and make your first trade. And I’ll show you, step-by-step, how to do what I’ve done for 30 years now… Read this before midnight tonight.