This Simple Activity Could Drop Your Risk of Getting the Deadliest Cancer

Pancreatic cancer has the worst survival rate. Only 6% of patients survive longer than five years after their diagnosis.

But one simple way you could lower your pancreatic-cancer risk is by getting more sun...

A recent study from the Moores Cancer Center at the University of California, San Diego looked at pancreatic-cancer rates in 172 countries.

The results were incredible... People living closer to the equator (in sunnier climates) had one-sixth the rate of pancreatic cancer compared with people living farther away from the equator (in cloudier climates).

The researchers looked at the ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation – how much sun each country gets – and found higher pancreatic-cancer rates where the UVB radiation was lowest. While the study doesn't prove that lack of sunshine causes pancreatic cancer, it strongly suggests a link between the two.

To help your chances, get regular amounts of sunshine by going on a walk.

I take a 20-minute walk every afternoon. It's a great time to get your thoughts in order... and it might save your life.