Two Ways to Double Your Money on the Same Stock

I hope you were listening...

If you were, you could have made 12% in two months – with little risk.

You see, back in April, I told you about an opportunity that was so obvious to me that I was willing to go on the record and say that this stock "was going to at least double over the coming months."

The stock I was so confident in was private-equity firm Blackstone (BX).

I bet that Blackstone, a master limited partnership ("MLP"), was going to convert to a common corporation soon. If that happened, billions of investor dollars would soon flow into the stock because buying an MLP is tough. There's a lot of hurdles. Many institutions and indexes can't buy MLPs so that kept a lot of money away from Blackstone. But as a common corporation, the floodgates of investor money would be open.

In April, Blackstone announced it was going to convert. The stock jumped on the news, and it has been climbing higher ever since.

Readers who read my April message and made my bet would have made 12% on their investment in just two months. That's a fantastic return considering the S&P 500 has been flat over the same time.

I don't think the run-up in Blackstone is over. The conversion hasn't even taken place yet... That won't occur until July 1. And I still believe there is something else that will happen that will send billions of additional dollars into the stock. It might happen in the next few months or sometime next year. I just know when it does, Blackstone is going to look like a bargain at today's price.

So there's still time to get your money into Blackstone before the stock could double. Again, it may take more than a year for the stock to double, but I believe it will happen.

I love investing in opportunities like this. We know investor money will flow into a stock at a certain date, and we're allowed to put our money there first. Sign me up every time.

But there's another way you could have bet on Blackstone...

And you would have already nearly doubled your money. In fact, subscribers of my newest trading service already have.

You see, while buying Blackstone's stock and holding on for the ride is a surefire money maker, you can't realistically expect a stock to double in two months. Typically only small tech and biotech stocks do that... And even that is rare. Investing in those types of stocks is also very risky.

But there is one trading strategy that can potentially double or triple your money in a short amount of time.

Just four days after I wrote about Blackstone right here in Health & Wealth Bulletin, I told subscribers of my newest trading service about another way to play it. It didn't involve buying the stock. It was a different type of strategy, but it could multiply the returns of Blackstone shares.

I told my readers that a wave of cash was going to hit Blackstone on July 1. Over time, that would send the stock much higher.

At the time of my trading recommendation, Blackstone was trading around $39.50 a share.

I knew that in a few months, the stock would be worth much more. I told my subscribers to make a bet that by September 20, 2019, Blackstone would be trading above $42, which would be a 6% move for the stock.

To place this bet, it cost my readers a minimum investment of $75. If we were right and Blackstone traded for more than $42 by September 20, that $75 investment would turn into $200.

If readers put $750 into the trade, it would turn into $2,000, and so on. The upside on this trade was 167% – as long as Blackstone traded above $42 by September 20.

Well, it didn't take that long for Blackstone to climb above $42. It's currently trading for more than $43 per share. So our bet is in great shape... and we didn't even need to wait until September.

We've only been in this trade for two months.

So far my subscribers have nearly doubled their money on this trade in a matter of weeks. You can see how their gains are far greater than the gains regular shareholders have achieved.

This trade is off to an excellent start. As long as Blackstone doesn’t fall below $42 by Sept 20, my subscribers will make 167%. (I expect Blackstone to be much higher than $42 by September.)

But September is a long time away. We also have the opportunity to close the trade early and take profits off the table. So the choice is between closing now and earning a big gain or waiting until September to potentially close for an even bigger gain.

It's a good problem to have.

Blackstone is far from our only winner. Just last week, I told subscribers it was time to close a trade on chocolate maker – and ultra-safe stock – Hershey (HSY). We booked a 34% gain in less than a month.

Again, these are real trades that my subscribers made.

Not many people know about this strategy... and that's a shame. It can produce double- and triple-digit winners in a matter of weeks. And it doesn't require much money, so you don't have to take much risk.

Tonight, I'm hosting my first-ever Trading Master Class tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern time to teach this strategy. It's free to attend, but you'll need to sign up first.

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June 19, 2019