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Six months ago, we published our first issue of Retirement Millionaire Daily...

Since then, we've sent you hundreds of ways to take control of your health, wealth, and retirement.

I've had a great time sharing my medical and financial advice with you every day. As I mentioned last week, my goal is to provide you with the facts – to educate you – so you can improve your health and wealth.

My team and I are willing to take on any topic – no matter how contentious. For example, over the last six months, my team and I have covered...

In response, we've gotten nearly 1,400 e-mails...

Sometimes controversial, sometimes off the wall, usually surprising but always very helpful. The information is something I always look forward to. – J.L.

I have used your tips on everything from health tips to tips for getting silver free from banks. Many tips I found very useful came from your book on the doctor's protocol as well. I've never been a coffee drinker but am seriously considering becoming one after your advice about the benefits of coffee. I've been receiving your monthly newsletter for a while now, and I appreciate the health tips as well as the financial tips, because if you do not have your health, what good is money? – K.J.

It's high time that I let you know how much I appreciate Retirement Millionaire Daily. I look forward to reading it and never delete it without reading (I delete lots of other stuff without reading).

I'd say your sense of what to include is spot on – at least for me. Quite a wide variety of interesting stuff. I like the research based medical advice, both in the Retirement Millionaire and Retirement Millionaire Daily. I tell people that I get medical advice from my financial advisor. – A.R.

Thanks to everyone who has written in with questions, suggestions, and criticisms.

Today, I'm asking for your help.

I want to continue providing you with the best possible Retirement Millionaire Daily. So, is there a topic we haven't covered that you'd like us to? Or a topic you don't ever want us to write about again? I'd like to know.

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