What Are the Roaring 2020s?

Doc's note: While lots of experts are warning of a bear market in stocks, our newest senior analyst disagrees.

According to Matt McCall, the next decade will be an amazing time to be invested in stocks. Read on to find out why...

This is just the beginning.

What I call the Roaring 2020s are here.

The U.S. economy is on the verge of a massive expansion... a period of unimaginable innovation and vast wealth creation. This phenomenon is huge, and it is the overarching trend we will be investing in over the coming months and years.

It's going to be an amazing decade to be invested in stocks, especially technology stocks...

Really, it's all about the convergence of so many revolutionary technologies.

From 5G to the Internet of Things to artificial intelligence and its role in the future of health care... from transportation 2.0 – electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, even flying cars – to blockchain... the real opportunity will be when these new technologies begin to overlap.

The COVID-19 pandemic didn't faze these advancements.

Think about robotics and drones – they accelerated. Blockchain accelerated. Telemedicine went nuts. Genomics had huge advancements – we're getting vaccines out 10 times faster than we could before. And the work-from-home transition of millions across the U.S. sent software, fitness, and communications companies flying.

In the 2020 decade – the Roaring 2020s – we're setting up for a very similar period of performance as we saw in the 1990s... when the S&P 500 Index was up 300%.

So whatever you do, don't let the headline fears scare you out of investing...

Inflation? Inflation is good for stocks. Interest rates? They're going to remain low. The Federal Reserve has essentially said they're not going to do anything. It's cheap money...

And that combination of inflation and cheap money leads to one of the greatest environments that we're going to see for the stock market.

At the end of this decade, our lives will be very different than they are now. Most people will be driving electric vehicles, whereas now only 2% of cars on the road are electric. That will be a trillion-dollar-plus market generating 100-fold returns.

Self-driving cars exist today, but for the most part they live at tech conferences and testing grounds. In 10 years, there will be mass adoption... driverless cars will be routine, chauffeuring millions of people to work and to play. The repercussions across so many other industries as a result of this will be monumental...

Health care will become more effective and less invasive... gene editing and telehealth, to name just two niche fields in the space, will lead to breakthrough technologies and great investments.

Artificial intelligence will change the way we operate businesses... and how we shop online.

Over the next decade, the convergence of artificial intelligence, 5G networks, genomics, breakthrough battery technology, electric vehicles, alternative energy, quantum computing, and so much more will lead to the creation of industries that we cannot fathom today...

Of course, 15 years ago, no one (except Steve Jobs) imagined the powerful computer that we all now carry in our pockets. As a result, Apple went on to become a $2 trillion global leader... up from $50 billion before the iPhone. The next Apple and the next Amazon – companies that no one is talking about today – will be the stocks that I recommend to my subscribers over the course of the next 10 years.

You can't afford to miss out.

Consider this...

  • The computer you started using in the late 1990s had roughly the same processing power as an insect brain.
  • In 2023, the average laptop you buy will have the same computing power as the human brain.
  • And 25 years after that? A new laptop will have the same computing power as EVERY SINGLE human brain on earth, combined.

That's how quickly technology is developing right now. And it's why the coming decade will be the greatest ever in the history of the stock market.

Let me be the first to welcome you to the Roaring 2020s.

Here's to exponential gains,

Matt McCall

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