Why Haven't You Answered My Question?

I love to teach...

My family, friends, and colleagues all know that I love helping them find the answers to their questions.

From what to do with a 401(k) during a job transition... to relieving eye strain when working at a computer all day... to the best type of wine to drink with an after-dinner cheese plate. (I recently recommended a 2010 Sauternes for a colleague celebrating a wedding anniversary.)

Our weekly Q&As in Retirement Millionaire Daily give me a chance to interact on a personal level with you, too.

Unfortunately, I can't answer every question... I'm prohibited from giving individual advice. And there's not enough space in this letter to get to everyone's question.

But as I mentioned before, I do read all of the e-mails. And my team keeps a file of e-mails that we're researching and will use for future issues. So please keep sending in your questions and feedback.

Q: I have a question concerning the shingles vaccine. I have recently had a light case of the shingles. My doctor is recommending that I now get the vaccine to prevent a reoccurrence. Is that necessary since I have had it once? – H.R.

A: I'm happy to hear you only had a light case of shingles. But, unfortunately, shingles can strike twice. The chance of reoccurrence is about 6%. Your risk increases as you age. And you're at a high risk of developing shingles if your immune system is weak or if you experience a stressful event.

For anyone who missed our issue on shingles and why I feel it's important to get the vaccine, you can read it here. And you can find our special Q&A issue on shingles here.

Q: Suggesting elderly, out of shape, overweight, deconditioned individuals begin an exercise program by lifting weights will ensure that many of them suffer injury. If they have never exercised (a surprising portion of the population), or suffered a long layoff, starting with an exercise regimen that involves only their own body weight is safer and equally effective. – J.L.

A: I suspect our Retirement Millionaire Daily readers are much more active and well off than average. Simply by listening and taking an active role in their health and wealth puts them head-and-shoulders above the "average" American...

But certainly, we're not advocating for inexperienced folks to jump feet first into an intense exercise regimen. In fact, we've recommended several types of exercises that are great for seniors, and we provided helpful links to get started. Here's a quick review...

As for weight-bearing, here's a great way to get started with simple exercises.

Tai chi and yoga. Yoga and tai chi are low-impact ways to exercise. Several studies have highlighted the benefits of each in terms of improving balance and reducing falls in people over 65. You can find local yoga classes for seniors right here. And here's a great resource for starting tai chi.

High-intensity interval training. Like the name suggests, HIIT is a workout strategy where you mix short, intense bursts of effort with longer recovery periods. It's intense, but it's considered safe for anyone, even older folks and people getting started with regular exercise. Use caution and ease into this after you're comfortable with lower-impact exercises like regular walking. Here's our full write-up on it.

Walking. Walking is great exercise. It's easier on your joints but still provides many of the same benefits as jogging or running. It's even considered a weight-bearing exercise. Plus, walking helps fight spikes in blood sugar, known as postprandial hyperglycemia.

We also recommend going to a class to learn the best ways to start without hurting yourself. Many senior centers offer various classes geared toward safer exercises for those over 65.

Q: What if one cannot consume any dairy related products, which totally means yogurt is out of the question. What other food related product(s) are good sources of calcium one could consume? – S.H.

A: There are lots of sources for your non-dairy calcium needs. In fact, I recently told Retirement Millionaire subscribers three calcium lies and six non-dairy calcium sources. Subscribers can access it here.

I can't give them all away here. But I will say that cereal with some soy milk and a glass of orange juice gives you about 76% of your daily recommend calcium. If you're not already a Retirement Millionaire subscriber, click here to join.

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October 21, 2016

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