You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

Please don't fall for stories about how the economy is doomed... that the market is destined to collapse... or that the "good ol' days" are over.

That's not to say we know where the market will be next month. It may be down or up. And we will absolutely have corrections and volatility in the coming months and years. That's a fact of investing, and life, in general.

But remember that you are your own worst enemy when it comes to profiting from your investments.

In a recent study, Fidelity Investments analyzed client accounts to see who had the best performance. The highest-earning group was those who actually forgot they had investment accounts at Fidelity.

Anyone who reads a newspaper or watches financial news regularly is always going to have a reason to get out of the market.

Don't let fear paralyze you from taking charge of your finances. Don't let worry over your future retirement prevent you from enjoying your life.

And as I wrote in my October issue of Retirement Millionaire that I mentioned earlier: A market dip like the recent one is the perfect time to add to your holdings of quality stocks.

I went on to detail my four favorite investments...

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In October, these four positions rallied more than 10% each... beating the market's 8% climb... and have set up investors with significant potential income. Two of these recommended positions pay an annual dividend yield of more than 8.5%.

Take control of the things you can and enjoy the fact that things, in general, are getting better.