You Wanted Triple-Digit Gains… Here’s How You Get Them

I’ve been keeping a secret from you…

You see, I often hear subscribers say that I’m too conservative. That I don’t take enough risk.

Well, that changed last night.

Over the past year, my team and I have been testing a new kind of trading strategy. We haven’t told anyone about it, other than a few colleagues. And this essay is the first time we’re publicly sharing details about our testing.

What we’ve been doing is simple…

We take the best stock recommendations from myself, Porter Stansberry, and Steve Sjuggerud… then we show you how to beat their expected gains.

For example… if Steve recommends a stock he thinks can go up 10% in a few months, we want our trade to go up 300% in the same time period.

Or if I recommend a stock that goes on to gain just 1% in three months, we want our trade to be able to soar 100% higher. (Yes, we can still make a lot of money even if the stock stays flat using this trading technique.)

We’re essentially taking the research from Stansberry’s smartest stock pickers… figuring out the catalysts that they’re expecting… and then showing you how to boost your gains using a specific trading technique.

My team and I have been testing this strategy for a full year. We sent our first trade to a few colleagues in November 2017. And our returns have been incredible so far.

Take this real example from our live testing…

On April 6, Porter recommended that his Stansberry’s Investment Advisory subscribers buy shares of media giant Disney (DIS).

We loved Porter’s pick. His analysis was spot on. Shares of Disney were cheap, and it was the perfect time to buy one of the world’s best companies.

But we knew we could do better than just buying the stock and holding…

A few days after Porter made his recommendation, my team and I made our own trade on Disney using this new technique.

Over the next few weeks, as Porter predicted, Disney’s share price rose. Porter’s subscribers were up about 10%. That’s a great return for such a massive stock in a short amount of time.

Our trade, however, went up 167% over the same time frame. It more than doubled in just over two months’ time…

If you’re scratching your head as to how we do this, you can probably guess this comes down to a certain trading strategy. In short, we use the options market.

Longtime readers know that I’ve been recommending a certain type of options trade for my Retirement Trader readers for several years now.

This, however, is something different.

Our options trading strategy is sophisticated, but easy enough for ordinary folks to take advantage of it.

And it can work in any kind of market – whether stocks go up or down.

Since November 2017 – when we started our “beta testing” – we’ve had an average return of 23.3% on each trade. And most trades only lasted one to three months.

If you annualized our gains over the 12-month live testing period, our strategy returned 619%.

That’s an incredible boost to your portfolio. And remember, we’re using this specific strategy to make trades on recommendations that myself and other Stansberry Research editors are already making.

We’re not making wild speculations, either. We had a 67% win rate… That means that two out of every three trades turned profitable – almost unheard of results for this type of trading.

And remember that our testing was over a period when the S&P 500 fell by over 10% early in 2018 and by nearly 10% in October. It’s been volatile, but we’ve still been churning out huge winners.

I’ve been trading options for about 30 years. My options trading service Retirement Trader has been wildly successful, with a 94% win rate over an eight-year time frame.

In Retirement Trader, we use options to decrease risk and collect safe income month after month. It’s the perfect strategy for anyone looking to build a nest egg over time. But I’ve heard from subscribers who want me to use my knowledge about the options market to make more aggressive trades… to make potential triple digits returns in a short amount of time.

You wanted it, so you’re getting it…

Last night, I launched Advanced Options.

Advanced Options is designed specifically to achieve triple-digit gains in a short period of time by using options market techniques most investors have never heard of or tried. You could potentially increase profits, reduce risks, and even profit when a stock’s price (or the market as a whole) goes down or barely moves.

This type of trading strategy to a completely new level that could have a huge impact on your wealth, beginning right now.

Click here to learn more.

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Here’s to our health, wealth, and a great retirement,

Dr. David Eifrig and the Health & Wealth Bulletin Research Team
December 6, 2018