Your Top Life-Saving Tips

I asked, and you answered...

Earlier this week, I asked you for your best fall-prevention tips.

You, my readers, are some of my favorite resources. So before we get to this week's Q&A, I want to share just a few of the fall-prevention tips you've sent in...

"I can give you a great tip to prevent falling, watch where you are going, take your time, be aware of the surrounding around you.

I can attest to this tip, as I fell in June. I was in a hurry to move my car so my husband could get out. I walked down the sidewalk and got near the end and my right foot left the sidewalk and went into the mulch bed and it threw me into the driveway and I ended up with a broken shoulder. I elected to do rehab and here I am still doing rehab and I have 30 days to go. I will always have limited use of the arm as to the placement of where it is broken." – M.Z.

"Rather obvious, but banisters must be used!" – D.P.

"I am 84 and have had back problems for a long time which have gradually taken away the strength in my legs and balance. I have a couple of walking sticks which, at present, I can manage without but I have rearranged the furniture around the house so that nearly everywhere I walk I can reach out a hand for balance support. It surprising how much support the back of a chair can give." – D.D.

And finally, we couldn't resist sharing this (hopefully) less-than-serious tip...

"My simple solution is to crawl around the house. Eat on the floor, sleep on the floor, watch TV, and the computer, on the floor, move around the house on the floor, bathe on the floor of the tub. Stand up in the kitchen, very carefully." – W.R.

We also got some great questions. Don't forget to keep sending those in – we read each one. Write to us at [email protected].

Q: I was reading your Health & Wealth Bulletin that mentioned the [Dividend Diluvia], but I don't recall seeing it in my Income Intelligence letters? When did you discuss it? – M.L.

A: Income Intelligence subscribers can read all about "The Dividend Diluvia" here.

If you're not already a subscriber and you want to learn more about this exceptional class of stocks, click here to learn more.

Q: White sugar and sugar substitutes are taboo. Is pure cane sugar a viable alternative? – S.L.

A: Our body processes cane sugar the same way as regular white sugar. So limit that as you would white sugar.

I've said this before, but I don't mind repeating myself...

If you want to live a long, healthy life, do this one simple thing – stop using sugar and artificial sweeteners.

I don't recommend using any specific sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners.

If you're really craving sweets, look for naturally sweet foods like fruits. You'll still get sugar, but the fiber in the fruit helps to slow sugar absorption. And you'll get all the health benefits of fruits, too. You could also have a couple of pieces of dark chocolate, satisfying your sweet tooth and giving you a hit of antioxidants.

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Q: I may have missed a recommendation from you folks. I read all I get. I recently heard about, and joined, Silver Sneakers. Thousands of gyms across the country recognize the program that enables seniors to use all the equipment at no cost if you have supplemental Medicare coverage. – K.S.

A: Thanks for pointing out this great program, K.S.! We were familiar with mall walker programs, some of which advertise for the Silver Sneakers program. But we hadn't learned more about the full offerings.

Silver Sneakers is a free, seniors-based fitness program. If your health insurance provider participates, you can sign up for your registration card. With that, you get access to gyms, classes, and meetups – all for free. It's a great way to exercise and stay social in retirement. We recommend you check to see if you're eligible to join right here.

If you aren't eligible, remember that you can still find discounted senior exercise plans at local recreation and senior centers. And the International Council on Active Aging offers a database of senior-friendly fitness centers, which you can search right here.

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Here's to our health, wealth, and a great retirement,

Dr. David Eifrig and the Health & Wealth Bulletin Research Team
September 14, 2018