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Turn Off Your Phone to Save Your Eyesight

Get off your smartphone… unless you want to go blind. That advice might seem sensational, but we’re getting closer to that reality. And it’s all because of blue light. I’ve warned my readers for years about the dangers of blue light. And a new study shows just how dangerous this stuff is… The visible light spectrum consists of multiple wavelengths of energy. White light, like you see from the sun and artificial sources of light, is all the wavelengths combined. But within the white-light…

Three Critical Strategies for Your Portfolio Today

Doc’s note: Porter and I don’t always agree… But one thing we do agree on this year is that the current bull market is running out of steam. We can’t know for certain when it will end. And that’s why I’m sharing a Stansberry Digest issue where Porter details three things you should always do as an investor… no matter where you think this market is going. And if you want to hear what Porter – and other Stansberry insiders, including me…

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A ‘Common Sense’ Secret Worth Up to 1,000%

Doc’s note: Common-sense advice is often simple. Most of us have a hard time following it… But following plain common sense can be the difference between failure and success. That’s why today, I’m sharing an essay from Stansberry Venture Value editor Bryan Beach. Bryan details a common-sense secret that could change the way you invest. Each month in Venture Value, Bryan uses his common sense to find buying opportunities that may seem boring to some, but could more than double your money

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Fire Your Cable Company

Doc’s note: We’re continuing our special holiday series, sharing our favorite issues. Today’s essay was chosen by one of our team members, Jeff Havenstein… If you’re like me and get upset every time you look at your monthly cable bill, it might be time to make a change. Recently, I convinced one of my family members to follow this advice. She now gets almost all of the same programs she used to watch, but for a fraction of the cost. *** We…

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The Crucial Mistake You’re Making in the Market

If you’ve “checked out” this summer, I don’t blame you. I hope you’ve spent the summer like I have, traveling and spending time with friends and family. Even if you’ve been away, it’s hard to miss some of the biggest economic news… Student-loan debt, credit-card debt, and auto-loan debt are all on the rise. The biggest trade war we’ve seen since the 1930s has taken effect. And geopolitical tensions between China, the U.S., Russia, and the Middle East are simmering. Readers are concerned about…

Retirement hacks to dramatically improve your life.

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Don’t Let Your Doctor Dismiss This Deadly Disease

It’s the No. 1 killer in both men and women. But heart disease isn’t always getting the right diagnosis. While heart disease is an equal opportunity killer, we’ve mentioned before that women often receive the wrong diagnosis for heart attacks because their symptoms may be atypical or dismissed as anxiety instead. Women don’t always experience the same heart attack symptoms as men, like pressure on the chest or pain radiating down the left arm. The most common symptoms – fatigue, lightheadedness, sweating, anxiety…


Seven Essential Items for Summer Travels

Late summer means a lot of travel. Whether it’s trips to the beach or a vacation before the kids or grandkids go back to school, plenty of folks are getting ready for a trip. What’s more, according to a poll from CBS, more folks prefer to travel in September. If you aren’t traveling with children, that’s a great time to travel thanks to smaller crowds and cooler temperatures. I travel a lot. And over the years, I’ve picked up on some tricks…