Don’t Make the Same Mistake as ‘Dr. Internet’

Doctors are notorious for bungling their financial decisions.

First, they always start in a hole. They’ve usually got a six-figure pile of student debt. And they don’t start earning much money until their early 30s.

Will You Ruin Your Retirement Paradise?

You’ve worked hard your whole life. You’ve saved and invested and now you’re ready to retire on a nice nest egg. You’ve always wanted to live by the beach, so you pack up and move to a great seaside town a few states away.

But imagine that you trip on the stairs down to the beach and break your hip. Suddenly, instead of sipping mai tais and relaxing in the sand, you’re facing months in a nursing home recovery unit… And Medicare stops paying while you’re still there. The high-price home siphons off most of your hard-earned retirement savings.

How to ‘Spin’ Your Way to Outsized, Long-Term Returns

Doc’s note: In today’s issue, we’re featuring an essay from my colleague and Extreme Value analyst Mike Barrett, in which he explains how an unusual plan can help you reap huge returns…

The End of the World

This past Saturday, I hosted dinner for a select group of my Retirement Millionaire lifetime subscribers.

How to Overcome the Biggest Hurdle to Getting Active

Sometimes I hate scientific studies.

More specifically, I hate how the popular media writes about them.

You Gotta Be Big

A frenzy has hit our economy. You need to be big. And you need to get big, fast.

Last month, Apple (AAPL) became the first company to hit $1 trillion in value. Alphabet (GOOGL) – known for its Google search engine – recently reported revenue growth of 26% to $32.7 billion for the quarter. (That’s more than Hershey (HSY) sells in four years.)

Seven Ways to Improve Your Sleep ‘Hygiene’

Have you ever dozed off at a ball game… in a work meeting… or worse, at the wheel?

Like many people, I’ve dozed off behind the wheel before. It’s terrifying to think about how horribly that can end. For some people, the consequences are fatal.

Three Steps to Making Sure Your Portfolio Earns an ‘A’

Doc’s note: Today, my colleague and portfolio manager of Stansberry Portfolio Solutions Austin Root explains a crucial lesson he learned during his first day on Wall Street… and how you can apply it to get more out of yourself and your investments.

Within my first 15 minutes on Wall Street, I had an experience that would change my life forever.

Revisiting One of My Most Controversial Topics

I can always tell when I’ve written something controversial…

Last week, I told readers it’s time to get a flu shot. My inbox was flooded with e-mails like this one:

How to Use a ‘Stop Loss’ for Your Health Care

Most folks, when they start losing, can’t help but lose more.

It’s human nature to let these losses build up.