Bacon by the Pound

Let’s be clear… I’m a bacon expert.

It’s possible I’ve eaten more bacon than anyone else in the world.

Winter Is Coming… Seven Tips to Prepare for the Worst

Imagine looking at the position of Venus and using that to predict how much snow you’ll get for the next decade.

It sounds ludicrous, but that’s exactly what the Farmer’s Almanac does. In 1792, the publication first used the mathematical formula for weather predictions created by Robert B. Thomas. Thomas looked at variables like sun spots, tidal patterns, and yes, the position of the planets. He even gave tips on counting things like persimmon seeds and colors on a wooly caterpillar.

This Warning Sign Just Started Flashing

Kevin Clark decided not to replace two of his aging cruise boats… And that should worry you.

Clark is the Chief Executive of Argosy Cruises, a small Seattle tour-boat operator. While Argosy doesn’t directly impact your life and investments, this does show there is trouble brewing in the broader economy…

Tired of the Flip-Flopping Medical Advice? Here’s What You Need to Know…

It’s hard to tell which medical studies to follow… especially when they contradict each other.

One day coffee is good for you… the next, someone claims it gives you cancer. The same with eggs, milk, and a number of other things. (For the record, coffee is good for you and protects against liver cancer.)

Three Core Rules of a Successful Investor

Doc’s note: Today, I’m finishing guru week with an essay from my good friend and Stansberry Research founder, Porter Stansberry. In this classic essay (originally published in 2013), Porter discusses the three traits of a successful investor and how to start applying them now.

Today, I (Porter) want to tell you about a few of the most important “core” ideas I’ve discovered that can help make you a successful individual investor.

The Real Meaning of Trade

Doc’s note: Today, I’m continuing guru week with an essay from famed political satirist P.J. O’Rourke. In a recent issue of his online magazine, American Consequences, P.J. explains why trade is an essential part of our daily lives… and not just in terms of attention-grabbing trade war headlines.

American Consequences is edited by P.J. and written by some of the smartest contrarian market analysts in the world. The best part is… it’s 100% free. There’s no subscription fee, “paywall,” or anything like that. Sign up to start receiving issues right here.

Find the Few Stocks That Will Make You Rich and Forget About the Rest

Doc’s note: You can easily mimic the investment strategy that made legendary investor Warren Buffett one of the wealthiest people in the world.

Today, Extreme Value editor Dan Ferris shares some simple but brilliant insight into what made Buffett so successful. As Dan explains, this simple rule is the difference between mediocre returns in the market or prospering like Buffett…

A Solution to Your Biggest Financial Problem

Doc’s note: Longtime readers know I love to share guest essays every Monday. This week, I have something special planned for you… Each day I’m going to share one of my favorite essays from a Stansberry Research guru. And today, we’re starting with a name you’re likely familiar with… my good friend and colleague, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud.

In today’s essay, Steve explains how to find the missing piece of your financial plan.

The Best Way to Profit From the New Gold Boom

Doc’s note: Today, we’re hearing from the gold-investing legend himself, John Doody. John gives his simple answer to finding the best way to profit from the gold boom.

From the Egyptian pharaohs buried with gold jewelry and coins… to the world’s central banks stockpiling ingots to back their paper money… to today’s most successful hedge-fund managers, who all say they own gold… gold has been a spending, saving, and investing medium throughout time.

The One Thing the Emperor of the United States Got Right

The first and only Emperor of the United States was Norton I.

For roughly 20 years, Joshua Abraham Norton – or Emperor Norton – ruled the country from San Francisco. At least, according to his own decree.