Don’t Trust What You Read

You’ve likely heard the phrase “do more with less”…

That’s what we look for as investors – companies that don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a lot of money.

Don’t Put Your Faith in FEMA – Form Your Own Plan

Your favorite retirement state is disaster-prone.

Florida ranks as the fifth most natural disaster-prone state in the U.S. It comes in after California, Texas, Oklahoma, and Washington.

Four Simple Rules of Thumb to Stop Losing Money

When it comes to science, medicine, and investing… few things work better than good rules of thumb.

“Eat your vegetables” and “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” may be simplistic. But they are two of the best health guidelines ever uttered. And more recent advice to “walk 15 minutes a day” has now been shown to decrease risks of cancer and diabetes…

One Number That Makes My Blood Boil

221 million prescriptions…

That’s the latest number available for the number of prescriptions written in a single year (2012-2013) for statins.

Take Advantage of the Market Like Buffett

Doc’s note: Legendary investor Warren Buffett loves a good deal. He’s amassed his fortune investing in companies that are easy to understand, the best in their respective industries, and cheap.

But as Professor Joel Litman explains, the markets aren’t always predictable. And sometimes investors ignore some of the best values because they don’t have the right information…

‘I’m Closing Up Shop’

When we started thinking about partnering with Joel Litman, I told my colleagues:

I’m closing up shop. I’m going to retire and throw all my money into what he recommends.”

Buying Snow Shovels in Florida

“You want me to buy a snow shovel. I live in South Florida!”

Last week, after our issue on winterizing your house right now (instead of waiting until the end-of-fall rush), Ron M. wrote in about the ludicrous nature of our tip on buying a snow shovel because he lives in South Florida.

Not All Shiny Things Are Worth Your Money

The more “boring” the better…

My team and I typically look for boring companies when we’re scouring the market for investment ideas.

The Stupidity of Going Vegan

Sometimes, I can’t believe the sheer stupidity of folks.

Too many people believe all the hype of the latest fad diets and dive in without doing the proper research or making a plan to maintain their health.

Here’s How Much You Should Invest in Cryptos Right Now

Doc’s note: Cryptocurreny is one of the biggest investment stories right now. But knowing how to invest in such a speculative asset is confusing.

That’s why I’m sharing this essay from Eric Wade, bitcoin expert and editor of Crypto Capital, where he explains how much you should invest in cryptocurrencies.