An Unconventional Indicator for the State of Our Health

I love unconventional indicators.

Longtime readers might remember my “Cabbie Index” or how I can tell a lot from the economy based on my breakfast bagel.

This Hasn’t Burned Your Portfolio Yet… But It’s About To

Doc’s note: It’s one of the most important ways to avoid risk in your portfolio and probably something you haven’t thought about.

Today, I’m sharing an essay from my friend and colleague Dr. Steve Sjuggerud that details a portfolio mistake most investors are guilty of making… and how to fix it.

Your Top Life-Saving Tips

I asked, and you answered…

Earlier this week, I asked you for your best fall-prevention tips.

Get Ready: Flu Season Is Already Here

I can tell it’s already cold and flu season with just one look around the office. There are people coughing, blowing their noses, and struggling through fatigue.

Typically, flu season doesn’t really start until October. But we’ve already seen confirmed cases in the U.S. Just last week, a plane landing at JFK airport in New York had 19 people taken off with illness. Several of them tested positive for the flu.

Buy the Noise

In July 2010, sports fans either hated LeBron James or they loved him…

And I’m sure it was more hate than love at the time.

These Four Tips Could Save Your Life

Your life could change in a split second.

Imagine you’re home alone. Maybe you slip in the shower. Maybe your socks slip on the stairs. Maybe you trip over your Chihuahua. But before you know it, you’re on the floor – injured and possibly unconscious. This could mean anything from an ER visit to expensive nursing-home bills… or even death.

Stop Worrying… You Want to Own Stocks Now

Doc’s note: For months, I’ve shared essays from my friend and colleague Steve Sjuggerud on his “Melt Up” theory. And today, Steve explains why the Melt Up – and the enormous gains it could make investors – is only just beginning…

The Best Opportunity to Grow Your Income Today

Imagine owning a stock that paid you so much in dividends – it could fall to ZERO and you’d still double your money.

It may not seem possible or likely.

No, You Don’t Have to Stop Drinking

“All Alcohol Is Bad” – Esquire
“No Amount of Alcohol Is Safe, Health Experts Warn” – CNBC
“Moderate Alcohol Consumption Is Out” – Forbes

I groaned when I saw these headlines last week.

Have You Been Suckered by the Stock Market?

What better way to get rich than owning part of a profitable company?

Almost all the rich people you know probably built their fortune by owning a business. Some have high-end salaried jobs, like doctors and lawyers. But the richest doctors and lawyers did it by owning their practice.