Even a Perfect Investor Can't Avoid Market Drops

If you're like most folks, your retirement nest egg is probably smaller today than it was a few months ago...

The S&P 500 Index is down about 20% from the start of the year.

No, This Isn't the Best Way to Stay Healthy This Fall

You've probably seen lots of articles claiming to have the best ways to stay healthy for the fall.

And many of them include a prime example of uninformed and potentially deadly "health advice."

Fund Managers Are Terrified of Stocks

Don't let them fool you... they're not really concerned about beating the market.

Sure, most Wall Street fund managers want to crush the S&P 500 Index every year. But that's not what really drives all these top business-school alumni (usually Ivy Leaguers).

How to Trick Yourself to Better Health

In the 1980s, a health fad swept America...

If you were trying to lose weight or stop smoking, you'd turn to a self-help hypnosis cassette tape. Folks would listen to the tapes in the car during their commute or through their Walkman during a lunch break, while exercising, or before bed.

We're Living in a 'Stock Picker's Market'

Doc's note: It feels like no one can win in today's market... Every day, it seems we get more bad news for stocks, and most folks don't know what to expect next.

In today's issue, Marc Chaikin explains the type of market we're in today and how to stay afloat despite the volatility, risk, and uncertainty that lie ahead.

Pessimism Is Skyrocketing... Which Is Good News for the Market

During this bear market and raging inflation, consumers aren't happy...

In June, consumer sentiment fell to its lowest level in 45 years. Because consumers are so pessimistic, the market has yet to sustain a significant rally.

Four Ways to Prevent This Unexpected Death Sentence

When you're young, it seems like no big deal. But as you age, it can become a death sentence...

When kids fall, we often tell them to get right back up and shake it off. But for seniors, that's not usually possible.

The 'Ghosts' of the Investing World

Have you ever seen a ghost?

Roughly one-third of Americans believe they exist. Many people claim to have seen them... And I believe them.

Be Prepared for Disaster

Pakistan is under water.

More than a third of the country has been hit by devastating floods. Since June, record amounts of water have fallen from monsoon rains, following an intense heat wave. More than a million people have lost their homes, and tragically, more than 1,100 people have died.

The Man Who Taught Me Markets – And What He Can Teach You

Finance professor Jay Ritter was making $50,000 a year in the '80s doing almost nothing...

Ritter and some other notable academics had found a way to capitalize on the fact that small stocks consistently performed better than large ones in January of each year.