Four Natural Ways to Fight Heartburn

Every time we mention heartburn, we get flooded with tips and questions…

Last week was no exception. Some of you wanted some tips on other ways to fight heartburn, but lots of you asked if proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs), like Prilosec, are OK to take in your specific case.

Fellas, It’s Time to Toss Your Little Blue Pills

It’s one of the most common – and embarrassing – conditions that comes with age…

More than half of all American men will experience this significant health problem, but a staggering 75% don’t seek treatment. They typically don’t want to talk about it… or even hint at it… even though it’s often treatable with some simple lifestyle changes.

How to Find the Perfect Stock to Own For the Long Term

It’s a strange time to be a long-term-minded investor…

For one, the outlook for the next decade doesn’t look great. I (Jeff Havenstein) wrote about this in the March 3 Health & Wealth Bulletin.

Time to Ditch Those Chalky Chews for Good

Even chocolate flavoring can’t help.

If you’ve ever had one of those calcium vitamin chews, you know what I mean. They’re still stale and slightly chalky… and totally unnecessary.

The Next Landing Spot for Pent-Up Cash in Europe

Doc’s note: In a yield-starved world, where do folks put their cash? In today’s issue, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud explains how investors are losing money on cash sitting in banks and where they’re starting to put their money to work instead…

Put $100 in the bank today, and it’ll be worth $99.50 this time next year.

Don’t Get Out of the Market Yet

“Doc and Steve have become bears. Is it time to get out of the market?”

That’s the sentiment I’ve heard from readers since my friend and colleague Dr. Steve Sjuggerud’s event last week… where he announced a stock market Melt Down is coming in the next 12 months.

Stop Doing These Three Things Immediately

These days, it’s getting harder to know who to trust.

We often hear people say things like…

Americans Are Finally All-In on the Stock Market

It’s finally here… Americans are all-in on the stock market.

And that makes sense… The Dow Jones Industrial Average is at a new all-time high, and so is the S&P 500 Index. The tech-heavy Nasdaq isn’t too far from its high either – and I suspect it will reach it very shortly.

How to Prevent One of the Greatest Dangers to the Elderly

It’s a problem all of us face as we get older…

By the time we’re 55 years old, most of us have had a close call or two where the foot caught on a rug or a stair and we nearly fell. Then we notice the bruises and the bumps stay around a little bit longer. When we’re 40 or 45 and lighter on our feet, it was much easier to pick ourselves up and continue. Not so once we’re nearing our 60s.

The Unthinkable Is Happening Right Now in Europe

Doc’s note: There’s a strange situation happening in Europe right now…

As Dr. Steve Sjuggerud explains, this crazy banking quirk does mean something big for all of us as investors. But there’s something you can do about it…