Ask Doc

You Don't Have to Be a Guru

Even Wall Street legend Warren Buffett didn't become one of the greatest investors of all time overnight…

Don't Forget How to Make Money

We're not calling anyone dumb – but too many of today's investors are shortsighted… focused on the potential for quick gains.

We're Exhausted

Lots of Americans aren't getting enough sleep. And they're turning to sleep aids to try to get some shut eye…

The Ultimate Chaos Hedge

We've said it before... Everyone should own some gold.

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Don't Fall for Tax-Season Scams

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Let's Talk About You

The news can be scary. So today, we're taking a break from the doom and gloom to talk about you and answer your questions…

'Keep It Simple, Stupid'

Figuring out the economy and the market over the past two years has gotten more complex and even bizarre…

It's the 1970s All Over Again

"I remember lining up at 4 in the morning just to get $3 of gas."

Your Luck Is About to Run Out

If the beginning of this year is anything to go by, luck won't get investors through the rest of this year...