Ask Doc

Today, We’re Coming Clean

It’s an old saying, but one that’s true… Laughter is the best medicine.

Numbers Never Lie… Except When They Do

Plenty of companies aren’t reporting their numbers correctly. And it’s a massive opportunity if you can figure out their true earnings…

How to Be ‘in the Room’ at the Event of the Year

I spend most of the year traveling tens of thousands of miles keeping my “boots on the ground.”

My boots-on-the-ground activity keeps me close to what’s happening across America and around the world…

‘I’m Closing Up Shop’

When we started thinking about partnering with Joel Litman, I told my colleagues:

I’m closing up shop. I’m going to retire and throw all my money into what he recommends.”

Bacon by the Pound

Let’s be clear… I’m a bacon expert.

It’s possible I’ve eaten more bacon than anyone else in the world.

The One Thing the Emperor of the United States Got Right

The first and only Emperor of the United States was Norton I.

For roughly 20 years, Joshua Abraham Norton – or Emperor Norton – ruled the country from San Francisco. At least, according to his own decree.

The Asset to Own When Investors Are Afraid

“Now is not the time to panic.”

That’s what I told you last week, but it seems Wall Street isn’t listening. On Wednesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 800 points down, beating last week’s plunge. The losses were mainly blamed on one indicator – the yield curve.

The Government Took $275 Million… And Gave You $0.85

So much for Equifax paying up…

Last week, we updated you on the ongoing drama surrounding Equifax’s 2017 data breach.

Don’t Be Dumb

We’re creating our own deadliest epidemic out of sheer stupidity.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that by 2050, the number of deaths related to superbugs could surpass deaths due to cancer.

The Power of Smart Speculation

Sometimes that “hot new startup” really pays off…

You might not expect me to say that. When I recommend a stock, I focus on income and the company’s long history of growing revenues… These businesses will help you generate a safe and steady income over time. They should make up what I call the “backbone” of your portfolio.