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Forget the Fads: This Is the Only Diet Tip You Need

The simple secret of a diet that actually works…

Bring out Your Best Wine (And Food) for the Holiday

Each year, I get the same question: “Doc, which wine should I buy for my holiday dinner?” The answer isn’t simple…

Your Grandparents Know More About Health Than Your Doctor

If you want to start living healthier today… listen to your elders.

The Secret to This Deadly Cancer Lurks on Your Skin

The new piece at the heart of treatment for pancreatic cancer will surprise you.

The 10-Minute Secret of the Most Successful People

“In the last five years, what new belief, behavior, or habit has most improved your life?”

Author and podcaster Tim Ferriss has posed this question to hundreds of successful people over the years. From actors to weightlifters to legendary investors (like Ray Dalio), he’s gained unique insights into their lives through his popular interview series.

The Stupidity of Going Vegan

Lots of folks think vegan diets are as healthy as they come. But new research shows this so-called “healthy” diet could be dangerous…

The Shocking Blood Sugar Bomb in Your Kitchen

People love their spuds.

So much so that we received an e-mail about one of our latest issues, in which we warned against eating too much of the starchy white vegetable:

The Lifestyle Change Most of You Must Make Today

If you’re one of the 102 million Americans with elevated cholesterol, you need to change your lifestyle.

But probably not in the way you think…

The Ultimate Diet Plan: Eat Nothing

It’s one of the most ancient healing traditions in human history.

It has been practiced by almost every culture and religion on earth…

Getting Your Veggies Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Live lobsters… Sheep pelts… Artisan pickles… Old Bay goat cheese…

One of my favorite weekend stops is also one of the rare places you can find all of these unusual items in one place – the Baltimore Farmers Market, now in its 42nd season.