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No, You Don’t Have to Stop Drinking

“All Alcohol Is Bad” – Esquire
“No Amount of Alcohol Is Safe, Health Experts Warn” – CNBC
“Moderate Alcohol Consumption Is Out” – Forbes

I groaned when I saw these headlines last week.

Three of My Favorite Superfoods

Every other month I see a headline declaring something as the latest and greatest superfood.

But what makes food “super”? Should you even care?

Firing Up the Grill? Read This First

I started my third career over a grill…

When my friend and now-business partner Porter Stansberry was recruiting me to begin writing what would become my monthly newsletter, Retirement Millionaire… he had me over for rib appetizers followed by bone-in ribeyes.

‘I Thought I Might Go Blind’

Doc’s note: Today I’m turning over my letter to my research assistant, Amanda Cuocci. She shares a story about the importance of keeping a cool head in a crisis… and the importance of reading Retirement Millionaire.


Ignore the Mediterranean Diet Media Nonsense

Last week, news broke that one of the leading medical journals, the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), had to print a retraction.

Now, you’ve likely seen retractions in regular media channels. As we learn more or clarify facts, we have to update stories. Or sometimes an error slips past even the best proofreaders.

Don’t Let the Salt Headlines Fool You

Proponents of “the less salt, the better” mantra are celebrating…

“High-salt diet kills off good gut bacteria” is a headline we’re seeing everywhere this week, thanks to a recently released study.

This ‘Royal’ Food Protects Your Heart and Your Colon

In ancient Persia, it was a food reserved for royalty.

Today, it’s a snack people eat millions of tons of annually.

Don’t Listen to California’s Coffee Cops

The Nanny Police need to knock it off.

Longtime readers might remember how I railed against so-called “regulators” who demanded restaurant chains include “high sodium” icons on their menus.

The No. 1 Antidepressant – Your Gut

I’m tired of all the headline nonsense.

You’ve likely seen stories about a diet that lowers heart-disease risk along with depression risk. It’s called the DASH diet (it stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension). This new link discovered by researchers even got a feature on Good Morning America.

Convenience Is Killing You, Part II

I warned you last summer: Convenience is killing us.

Last July, we warned of the health risks of ultra-processed foods. Ultra-processed essentially means any pre-packaged or sugary foods – including frozen meals, chips, soda, and microwavable snacks. It also includes soda drinks.