Living Well

Tired of the Flip-Flopping Medical Advice? Here’s What You Need to Know…

It’s hard to tell which medical studies to follow… especially when they contradict each other.

One day coffee is good for you… the next, someone claims it gives you cancer. The same with eggs, milk, and a number of other things. (For the record, coffee is good for you and protects against liver cancer.)

Four Ways to Avoid Winning the Worst ‘Lottery’

A 60-year-old man in Massachusetts made headlines last week… for all the worst reasons.

That’s because he became the first recorded case of a certain mosquito-borne virus infecting a human in Massachusetts since 2003.

Yes, There Are Good Lawyers… And You Need One

Doc’s note: August is National Make a Will Month. So this month, I’m covering a question I often hear…

“Should I pay for someone to write my will or can I do it myself?”

The Government Doesn’t Care About You (and Never Will)

I’m going to lose my voice from shouting this yet again: Big Government doesn’t care about you.

No one – not Big Government, not Big Pharma, not Big Banks – will take care of you. You can only take care of yourself. You are the only one with your own best interests at heart.

You’re Ignoring This Heart Attack Red Flag

It felt like just a moment ago you were enjoying dinner with your wife, and now you’re flat on your back rolling into emergency surgery.

You’ve had a massive heart attack… and you’re completely blindsided.

My Fascinating Friend Svein on How to ‘Do Good’

Doc’s note: Today, I’m sharing a story from my good friend and colleague Steve Sjuggerud about “one way to live a richer life” starting right now…

“Choose your friends wisely – for you become them,” my good friend Porter Stansberry said to me, way back in our early 20s.

It’s Time for Equifax to Pay Up

It was one of the biggest data breaches in U.S. history.

In 2017, millions of folks had their most valuable information – the keys to their private identities – exposed and possibly stolen. The company at fault – credit bureau giant Equifax.

Beware of One of the Deadliest Places in the U.S.

Sometimes, doctors can be killers.

I’m not talking about homicide. I mean that the folks we trust with our lives make lethal mistakes… And it happens more often than you might expect.

If You’re a Baby Boomer… Get This Test Done Now

One of the deadliest cancers is about to claim more lives than ever.

Doctors expect liver cancer to claim 31,780 lives in the U.S. this year. It’s one of the deadliest cancers you can get. That’s because it’s often undiagnosed until it’s already advanced.

How Not to Die During This Weekend’s Heat Wave

There’s nothing like a small-town Fourth of July parade… and it’s something Albert never missed. In his mid-60s, he’s helped organize and run his hometown parade for most of his life.

But this year, he didn’t see the parade.