Living Well

Seven Tips to Keep Your TV From Spying on You

A new warning from the FBI claims nefarious folks could access your TV’s camera and watch you…

Half of Us Will Face This Cancer One Day

In medical school, we were taught that if men lived to 120, every single one would get prostate cancer. That was a few years (all right, decades) ago, but it’s still true.

The Hidden Key to Good Health

The key to good health is hidden in the middle of our digestive tracts…

Why I’m Thankful for Bad Politics

Let us all bow our head in thanks for bad politics…

My ‘Birkenstocks on the Ground’ Research on Better Sleep

One of my favorite exercises can crush exhaustion… and even help you get more of the type of sleep you need to feel rested and restored.

This Popular Drug Increases Your Risk of a Deadly Disease

Sometimes, in medical research, a specific disease or drug makes the rounds in research headlines. It might not be something you see every day, but suddenly everyone wants to talk about it.

The Secret to Staving Off Sickness

I cringe every time I see bottles of antibacterial hand sanitizer.

Four Ways to Promote Better Digestion

We are told “you are what you eat.” But this is a lie.

It’s Time for Your Brain’s Rinse Cycle

There are still many mysteries of the brain… a lot we don’t understand. But we now know not only how the brain’s self-cleaning feature works, but what it means for preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

These Creepy Creatures Signal Our Digital Doom

Fruit flies might be the harbingers of our technological destruction.

They’re the modern-day equivalent of a canary in a coal mine.