Living Well

Don’t Fall Victim to Murderous Medical Hackers

We now live in an age where a computer virus could hurt your body as much as a biological one.

If this seems far-fetched, you haven’t paid attention to the news…

Four Tips to Avoid These Deadly Pests

You weren’t the only one happy about a warmer winter… So were these blood-sucking pests.

This past winter, much of the U.S. had a warmer and milder winter than usual. (Here in Maryland, we saw more than a few days of 70-plus degrees in the middle of winter.) That’s the perfect environment for ticks.

No, Your Grandchild Isn’t Growing Horns

Our children and grandchildren are growing “horns.”

Or at least, that’s what the popular media want you to believe…

Hit Your Health’s Reset Button in Just Two Hours

I’m sick of kids and their video games.

I don’t have anything against the games, per se. A few hours a week of video games improves skills like problem-solving. But too many young folks spend far too much time hunched over a screen or controller, shut off from the outside world.

Always Tell Me the Odds

Most people don’t understand the odds.

Many folks struggle with statistical probability. Take the birthday problem… In a room of 23 people, there’s a 50% chance two of those people have the same birthday. But if you have 75 people in a room together, the chance of two of them sharing the same birthday is 99.9%. Reaching a nearly 100% probability with just 75 people seems crazy… Surely you need more people, right? But it’s statistically correct!

Common Sense Is Back in the Headlines

“How to Live Longer With These Three Lifestyle Changes.”

That kind of promise makes for a splashy headline. We saw plenty of titles like this one (which was from HuffPost U.K.) last week in the wake of an article from researchers at Harvard. Published in Circulation, the article has a giant promise: These three interventions, if applied globally, will prevent 94 million premature deaths.

It’s Time to Try New Things

Picture your favorite restaurant…

You go to this special place every month or so because the wine is good, the wait staff is friendly, and you love the food. But think about it… How much of the food do you actually love?

Our Top Three Ways to Stretch Your Retirement Dollars

If you only take away one thing from my newsletter, let it be this: You can’t trust the government to take care of you.

Plenty of folks are nervous about coming changes. Uncertainty about health care reforms and fears that Republicans in Congress will cut programs like Social Security and Medicare are enough to keep anyone on edge.

Don’t Be a Lab Result

I’d never heard my friend Jim sound that scared before…

Jim is a former pro athlete. I first met him 40 years ago while visiting my brother in Wisconsin. We’ve stayed in touch for years…

Four Ways to Keep Insects From Crashing Your Barbecue

Summer is a great time to entertain friends outside…

As the weather gets warmer, backyard barbecues and poolside parties surge in popularity. And you get all the health benefits of socializing and sunshine.