Living Well

For a Better Brain, Go for a Bitter Brew

Longtime readers know I love coffee…

I’ve even touted it as the only “supplement” that I take three times a day – with a splash of real half-and-half if I can get it.

Eight Ways to Protect Your Home for the Holidays

One night, you come home to find your door kicked open. Your house has been torn apart. Your electronics are missing. No laptop, no iPad, no television left. Your wife’s jewelry is gone.

You’ve just been the victim of a burglary. According to the latest data from the FBI, about 1.4 million burglaries happened in 2017, a slight drop from previous years. However, victims lost $3.4 billion in property.

What Your Social Life Says About Your Brain Health

I want to ask you a question that could save your life: How lonely do you feel?

What I mean is, do you routinely engage with other people and feel a sense of belonging? Do you have solid relationships where you are cared for and appreciated?

You’re Taking Viagra and Don’t Even Know It

Half of you reading this need to stop your dangerous habit.

I’m talking to the 49% of Americans who take dietary supplements. More specifically, I want to focus on those “magic cure” pills that promise everything from better sexual performance to quick and easy weight loss.

My War on Diet Soda

I hate diet soda.

Longtime readers know I’ve railed against diet sodas for years, namely because of the dangerous artificial sweeteners they use.

Don’t Let Michael Ruin Your Vacation

Folks continue to rebuild after and recover from Hurricane Florence.

The hurricane, one of the wettest on record, brought not only a storm surge but also massive flooding. Rivers overflowed and entire towns, highways, and more saw severe flooding. Moody’s puts the estimated damage at about $38 to $50 billion.

How to Overcome the Biggest Hurdle to Getting Active

Sometimes I hate scientific studies.

More specifically, I hate how the popular media writes about them.

Seven Ways to Improve Your Sleep ‘Hygiene’

Have you ever dozed off at a ball game… in a work meeting… or worse, at the wheel?

Like many people, I’ve dozed off behind the wheel before. It’s terrifying to think about how horribly that can end. For some people, the consequences are fatal.

How to Use a ‘Stop Loss’ for Your Health Care

Most folks, when they start losing, can’t help but lose more.

It’s human nature to let these losses build up.

An Unconventional Indicator for the State of Our Health

I love unconventional indicators.

Longtime readers might remember my “Cabbie Index” or how I can tell a lot from the economy based on my breakfast bagel.