Living Well

What to Know About Your Robot Surgeon

Bridge toll collectors, cashiers, some fast-food employees, and even an entire hotel staff…

These are just a few jobs that robots and automation have taken over. But some folks would have you believe the next job to disappear will be your surgeon’s.

Two Lifestyle Tips to Lower Your Cholesterol

I’m known for taking on some of the most controversial positions in traditional medicine. I’ve argued against low-salt diets, the overuse of supplements, and warned about the dangers of some generic drugs.

But one of the most important topics is… cholesterol.

If You Live in These 12 States, Forget Flying With Your Driver’s License

Your driver’s license might not get you on an airplane…

In 2005, Congress passed the REAL ID Act. The act set new identification standards for states issuing IDs like driver’s licenses.

Blame Mom and Dad for Your Heart Attack

“I’m not surprised I have high cholesterol – it runs in my family.”

I’ve heard people say this for years. They like to place blame on their parents instead of taking responsibility for their own lifestyle choices. And after my recent issue of Retirement Millionaire where I discussed some of the common misconceptions about cholesterol, I had readers asking me just how much their genes affect their numbers.

If You Love Your Wife, Tell Her She Snores

“Honey, I love you, but you sound like a freight train.”

My researcher’s husband greeted her with that line recently.

Try This Trick to Help You Drive Better at Night

Kneeling on the cold parking-lot asphalt was the last thing they wanted to do that winter’s afternoon…

But my researchers are always in pursuit of new tips to share with you. And I’d asked them to go outside to work on my Hyundai. Specifically, I wanted them to focus on my old, cloudy headlights.

The No. 1 Test to Get After a Dementia Diagnosis

“I want you to remember these three words: Banana, sunrise, chair.”

You nod to your doctor, who then goes on to ask you questions like what day it is and who the president is, and to name something that happened in the news recently.

Five Ways to Fight Airport Stress During a Shutdown

My team likes to tease me about having a travel bug. They never know where I am or where I’m going from day to day… and I like to keep them on their toes.

Between my places around the country, Hampton Inns and other Hilton properties, I fly at least seven times a month.

Ignore the Trend… Follow My Common Sense

In the office, they call me “the codger.”

It’s meant in good humor, but as with most jokes, it carries a bit of truth…

Why Your Wife Wants You to Lose Weight

Want a good reason to lose weight in the new year? Shedding pounds will help your sex life.

And I’m not just talking about ­looking more attractive. I’m talking about a way to help combat a common problem that men rarely discuss: erectile dysfunction (ED).