My Secret to 176 Winners in a Row

When I was a doctor, I couldn't help enough people...

I loved helping patients. But I could only help one person at a time. A patient would come in and I would try to fix him and then send him on his way. Then another walked through the door, and the process repeated.

That's why I moved over to the publishing business...

These days, I reach hundreds of thousands of people at once. And since I've experienced firsthand both Wall Street and the medical field, I'm uniquely qualified to help every one of you with your health and wealth.

Educating people is something I've always loved to do... And I recently had a unique opportunity to teach a new skill on camera... about how to make safe, steady income from stocks that you may already own.

My "guinea pig" for this lesson was a professional golfer who had never done anything like this before. As you'll see, anyone can quickly and safely implement my full strategy.

During this demonstration, I share everything you need to know about a conservative investing strategy that could earn you thousands of dollars in consistent income. (I even give away a free recommendation.)

If you're looking for a way to "get rich quick" or "swing for the fences," don't bother watching. But if you'd like a valuable method of generating low-risk income from your stock holdings, then I hope you'll watch the full demonstration. My pupil, the professional golfer, collected more than $3,000... instantly... on his first try following my strategy.

Let me level with you...

Our business is paid subscriptions. That's how we keep the lights on. It's how we're able to share so much free content with you each week in the Health & Wealth Bulletin.

But I didn't give up my medical career to be a shoe salesman.

I don't want to waste your valuable time with a straight-up sales pitch. That's why this demo contains loads of real, no-B.S. information to help you generate retirement income.

I won't keep the big secrets to myself. I'll share my strategy and everything you need to know to understand how it works. After you watch, you'll feel smarter about your finances, and you'll have a powerful new tool in your investment toolbox.

Since I launched this strategy in 2010, my subscribers have seen a 94% win rate. And right now, we're sitting on a 176-position win steak.

I truly believe that you owe it to yourself and to your retirement to learn this strategy.

Click here to watch my video demonstration.

Now, let's get into some of the things you've had on your minds this week. As always, keep sending your comments, questions, and topic suggestions to [email protected]. We read every e-mail.

Q: What are your thoughts on prepping for major upheavals such as earthquakes, catastrophic hurricanes, EMPs from solar storms, or, perish the thought, even from nuclear air bursts? Thank you. – D.W.

A: I'm a big believer in preparedness. So much so, in fact, that I wrote an entire book on being prepared for disaster – The Doctor's Protocol Field Manual.

I'm not a "doomsday prepper." I just believe in making practical plans for how to prepare yourself and your family for the unexpected. This is what my book can help you do...

It includes things like the most calorically dense foods you can store, how to secure all your personal documents, and a $20 device that can scare away any burglar. I also cover everything you need to survive a variety of crises, from what to do on a crashing jetliner to how to ship your assets offshore. Use it as your go-to guide in almost any type of crucial situation.

Preparing for the worst means less stress and a clear plan of action when disaster strikes. Learn more about preparing for major weather events, blackouts, health scares, and financial crises in The Doctor's Protocol Field Manual. Click here to get your electronic copy today. Paid subscribers to my Retirement Millionaire newsletter already have access right here.

(And if you're interested in what to do in the event of a nuclear war, keep an eye on your inbox. We'll feature this topic soon.)

Q: Doc, do you have anything to say about the dangers of X-rays? My dentist recommends them every six months. – G.L.

A: Doctors casually use ionizing radiation in medicine. You've probably experienced this sometime in the past year. They'll set you up for X-rays and CT scans when they want to check on different parts of your body – and they might not be thinking much about the risk.

Ionizing radiation is strong enough to rip electrons off of atoms or molecules and create unstable free radicals that can damage DNA.

Depending on the type of radiation and how hefty the dose is, it can even directly break the bonds (or electron sharing) in your DNA. If it's too much for the cell's built-in DNA repair to handle, permanent changes (or mutations) in the DNA can happen.

And since DNA contains instructions for making important proteins needed for cell function, a faulty "blueprint" can cause cells to malfunction. This is how radiation can lead to cancer.

But the trouble goes further... A recent meta-analysis study, published in the BMJ in March, reviewed 93 different studies of radiation exposure and cardiovascular disease from the past decade. It concluded that ionizing radiation – even at low doses – can increase your risk of developing heart disease.

Now, we're not saying that you should avoid lifesaving diagnostic tests... Rather, make sure that you and your doctor thoroughly discuss whether the risks outweigh the benefits of the procedure – especially if you're at high risk of developing cardiovascular disease. For example, if you have healthy teeth and gums, you could probably go a year or 18 months without an X-ray. But people with significant dental issues might not want to skip them.

Your doc should limit the radiation dosage to an amount that's "as low as reasonably achievable" (or "ALARA," a well-known acronym in radiology). If you're in the high-risk camp and have had tests or are planning on getting tests that use ionizing radiation, you still have control over some heart-disease risk factors. Keep an eye on your blood pressure and cholesterol level, quit smoking, avoid processed foods, get plenty of exercise, and eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.

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Here's to our health, wealth, and a great retirement,

Dr. David Eifrig and the Health & Wealth Bulletin Research Team
August 4, 2023