The Curse of Immortality

He was granted eternal life, but nobody remembered to ask for the most important part...

In Greek mythology, the goddess of the dawn, Eos, fell in love with Tithonus, a prince of the ancient city of Troy. So Eos asked Zeus, the king of the gods, to let her beloved Tithonus live forever.

But immortality isn't everything... Eos didn't think about the need for eternal health and youth.

So while Zeus granted Eos' request, it didn't end well. While Tithonus could live forever, he never stopped aging. As written in the Homeric Hymns...

But when loathsome old age pressed full upon him, and he could not move nor lift his limbs, this seemed to her in her heart the best counsel: she laid him in a room and put to the shining doors. There he babbles endlessly, and no more has strength at all, such as once he had in his supple limbs.

Tithonus was given the gift humans have spent eternity searching for, but also one of the greatest curses.

For thousands of years, humans have sought immortality. And while we're nowhere near finding a "fountain of youth," technology has helped push human lifespans further.

If you're a 60-year-old man, you can expect to live another 22 years. If you're a woman, you might have another 25 years ahead of you.

But who wants to spend those years in a sickbed?

That's the inspiration behind the concept of "healthspan" – the time folks have at nearly full health, not battling disease or decline. For our bodies, that means having excellent mobility and freedom from pain. For the mind, it's having excellent cognitive function.

We want to increase not only our lifespans, but our healthspans as well.

Every day, new technology is being used to help us live longer, healthier lives. And we're learning more about treating – and maybe one day curing – ailments like cancer, Alzheimer's, and heart disease.

But whether modern medicine grants you the long and healthy life you desire, or merely a long and miserable one like Tithonus, you'll be a customer of the $4 trillion health care industry.

Demand in the sector will only increase as medical science makes advances we could only dream about. And COVID-19 was another catalyst for medical innovation.

The technology available today will be embraced and deployed across the spectrum of care. That creates an unstoppable investment opportunity. With the U.S. population growing older, the need for health care is only going to increase.

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Q: You mentioned to stop using margarine. What about plant-based margarine such as Earth Balance? Is it harmful? – E.H.

A: Plant-based or vegan butters and margarine are kissing cousins. The only difference is that margarine might have traces of dairy, while plant-based butter doesn't. Otherwise, both are blends of various vegetable or nut oils and water, with thickeners and flavorings to make the whole concoction solid and tastes like butter. They're both processed foods that I avoid or use sparingly.

If you're allergic to dairy, sure, vegan butter is your answer instead of margarine or butter. But there's an even better solution: extra-virgin olive oil.

I'm a die-hard fan of this liquid gold. My go-to fat will always be cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil. It's chock-full of heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids – more than margarine and plant-based butters.

I suggest trying an extra-virgin olive oil made of Arbequina olives for a buttery, mellow taste if you're not a fan of the slightly bitter, peppery flavor in most olive oils. It's great drizzled on toast.

A mashed avocado can also substitute for butter on toast... An avocado is a spreadable, creamy topper loaded with monounsaturated fats and brimming with nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. That beats out any plant-based or vegan butter.

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Here's to our health, wealth, and a great retirement,

Dr. David Eifrig and the Health & Wealth Bulletin Research Team
May 31, 2024