Even a Crystal Ball Is Worthless in This Strange Market

It should be a license to print money…

Imagine if you owned a crystal ball that could predict each company’s earnings announcement. With this crystal ball, you know with perfect accuracy which companies would report earnings that beat analyst expectations and which would miss. And you can buy or sell the stocks based on these flawless predictions.

The No. 1 Rule for Safe and Effective Weight Loss

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, which brings one thing… Dozens of weight-loss ads.

It’s hard to listen to the radio or read the paper without seeing an ad promising a “beach-ready body” in just a few weeks.

How to ‘Call’ the Markets Correctly

Doc’s note: Today, I’m sharing an essay from my good friend and colleague Steve Sjuggerud, in which he shares his secret to investment success. Steve also explains the best times to use certain types of investment strategies.


‘This Investment Could Change Your Life’

Every morning, when I was growing up, my dad followed the same routine…

He’d get down his shaving brush and razor from the cabinet… He’d lather up with a soap mug… I can still remember the smell, and the ceramic mug with the Navy emblem of the USS Albany… before moving on to his double-edged safety razor…

Four Ways to Stay Safe in the Sun

We’ve turned into the “Indoor Generation.” And it’s killing us.

A new survey conducted for the Danish window and skylight company Velux found that on average, Americans spend 90% of their time indoors.

I’m Getting Worried

“Things must really be bad. Even Doc’s finally getting bearish.”

I’ve heard similar comments from readers these past few weeks. They noticed a change in my writing. It’s not surprising. I’ve earned a reputation for my optimism on this current bull market. The only analyst more bullish is probably our own Steve Sjuggerud.

Breaking News From a Major Health Care Watchdog

We live and breathe research studies.

My team scours journals to find the latest scientific studies and reports. Our goal is to provide you with the best information possible so you can make informed decisions about your health.

The Biggest Advantage You Have Over the ‘Smart Money’

Doc’s note: Boring is good… when you’re talking about investing. Being a successful investor isn’t about cashing in on the latest fad company. It’s about generating safe and steady income for years.

That’s why I’m sharing an essay from Stansberry Churchouse publisher Kim Iskyan. Kim explains a huge advantage that average investors have over professionals and one of the best investment strategies to follow.

What’s Your Escape Plan?

You’ve likely heard this a lot lately. When you’re on an airplane, you need to know where the exit doors are and what to do in an emergency. If you’re in a movie theater or other public place, you need to pay attention to where the exits are in case of a fire or active shooter.

You need to have an escape plan.

Don’t Ever Break This Investment Rule

Most of our subscribers will fall into the euphoria. And most of them won’t get out.”

That was the grave warning last night from my good friend and Stansberry Research founder Porter Stansberry during a special event with my colleague Dr. Steve Sjuggerud and TradeStops founder Dr. Richard Smith.