My Next Prescription Is a Pint

This time of year, I like to thaw out my stash of superfoods.

That’s because I load up on blueberries each spring and summer. So much so, that I freeze the leftovers to help tide me over until the next time they’re in season.

Two Ways to Profit From This Changing Market

There’s an assault on cable companies…

Folks across the country have been cancelling their cable subscriptions in a hurry. In 2017, eMarketer estimated that 22.2 million cable customers cancelled their subscription, up from 16.7 million in 2016.

Sleep Your Way to Weight Loss

Most weight-loss trends are useless.

Whether it’s pills, a strict diet, or a crazy exercise regime, they’re unlikely to lead to lasting weight loss.

Why You (Unfortunately) Can’t Trust Your Broker

Doc’s note: Blindly trusting a broker is one of the worst investing decisions you could make. Remember, no one will look out for you better than you. That’s why today, I’m sharing an essay from Dr. Steve Sjuggerud in which he explains one of the biggest problems with brokers.


Overcoming Your Biggest Character Flaw

My biggest character flaw is a lack of confidence.

It’s haunted me throughout my life, but it really came to the forefront recently while talking to my co-editor, Laura Bente. We’re similar in age, job security, and lifestyle, yet we have wildly different views on investing risk. I lean moderately conservative while Laura is more aggressive. And her returns are much better for it.

Don’t Let Extreme Weather Empty Your Wallet

It’s 60 degrees here at our Baltimore office… about 20 degrees warmer than usual this time of year.

Last week, the East Coast was in the grip of a winter storm. Even in Maryland, we felt sub-zero temperatures.

If You Really Want to Eat Healthier, Skip the Fad Diet

It’s January, which means no one is eating the office cookies.

Each new year, folks make resolutions to lose weight. They want to try the latest, greatest diet trend that promises to slim you down in just a few weeks.

Will You Outlive Your Money?

In 1928, U.S. life expectancy was about 57 years.

Today, according to the Social Security Administration, folks turning 65 this year have an average life expectancy of 84.3 (men) or 86.6 (women). What’s more, folks are living longer than ever. One in four 65-year-olds today will live past 90, and one in 10 will live past 95.

Four Ways to Prevent the Flu This Season

There’s an epidemic in our office.

Everywhere you look, folks are coughing, sneezing, and generally looking like they’re about to fall over.

How to Do Less… and Make More

Doc’s note: I like to prepare for whatever the market might do. That’s why I always have an exit strategy with every single recommendation I make: using a trailing stop. And there is no better way of tracking your trailing stops – and potentially significantly improving your returns – than with our affiliate company, TradeStops.

That’s why today I’m sharing an essay from TradeStops founder, Dr. Richard Smith. Richard explains how doing less with your investing can actually help you make more money.