My Lousy Education

Doc’s note: Today, I’m sharing an essay from famed political satirist P.J. O’Rourke. In a recent issue of his online magazine, American Consequences, P.J. explains why the world needs “B.S.” degrees.

American Consequences is edited by P.J. and written by some of the smartest contrarian market analysts in the world. The best part is… it’s 100% free. There’s no subscription fee or “paywall” or anything like that. Sign up to start receiving issues right here.

Will You Outlive Your Money?

My (Laura) grandparents were your average blue-collar Americans.

My grandmother stayed at home raising a family while my grandfather worked outside the home. When he suddenly died just shy of age 63, my grandmother quickly had to learn how to live on her own.

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

Last month, I told you about an investment that could change your life… Not a stock, or an annuity, or a bond.

A razor. More specifically, the OneBlade razor.

Counting on Medicare? Read This Immediately

We’re running out of money.

On Tuesday, the government released a report crunching the numbers on Medicare and Social Security. The takeaway: Medicare will become insolvent in 2026.

Finding the Courage to Be Contrarian

If you were in the trenches, you could have seen the mortgage crisis coming years away…

My senior analyst, Matt Weinschenk, was working at a title insurance company while the housing boom was in full swing in 2005. It was his first job straight out of college and the company was hiring folks like him in droves.

This Is Your Optimal Amount of Exercise

“If you can move, you’re alive.”

I’ve carried that phrase with me since medical school.

The Last Great Buying Opportunity of the ‘Melt Up’

Doc’s note: For months, I’ve shared essays from my friend and colleague Steve Sjuggerud on his “Melt Up” theory. If you’ve been following along, you don’t want to miss today’s essay.

Here, Steve explains how to jump into the last great Melt Up opportunity before it’s gone.

That Selfie Could Cost You Thousands

“Hold on, let me just post this.”

In today’s culture, it seems we must photograph every experience and immediately share it online. We want our friends and family to see us having fun on vacation. Beach photos, tropical drinks, exotic locations – they all wind up on our social media profiles. And whether it’s to make everyone else jealous or simply remember the fun we’ve had, there’s a risk to these posts that many of us don’t think about…

On Your Mind: Strokes, Options, and Colon Cancer

Happy National Aphasia Awareness Month!

It seems like each month has a dozen different special issues attached to it. You probably didn’t know June is also National Turkey Lovers’ Month.

Six Ways to Sidestep Phone Scams

Each year, scammers steal $3 billion from seniors.

And one of the easiest ways fraudsters steal from folks is over the phone.