These Pills Are Destroying Your Colon

I’ve railed against calcium supplements for years.

In October 2016, I wrote:

One of the Greatest Income-Producing Tools in the Stock Market

Doc’s note: This week, I’ve opened a five-day workshop on the Eifrig Income Method… A strategy I’ve learned and perfected since my days on Wall Street.

It’s a method everyone should know how to use. That’s why in today’s essay, originally published last year, I explain the greatest income-producing tool.

Will a Snowball or an Avalanche Help You the Most?

One of the most common questions I (Laura) get is…

What is the best way to get rid of credit-card debt?

‘This Probably Added Thousands to My Bank Account’

With a few smart moves, you can stop worrying about how to earn income in your retirement.

That’s according to a new book by Marc Lichtenfeld, You Don’t Have to Drive an Uber in Retirement.

The No. 1 Antidepressant – Your Gut

I’m tired of all the headline nonsense.

You’ve likely seen stories about a diet that lowers heart-disease risk along with depression risk. It’s called the DASH diet (it stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension). This new link discovered by researchers even got a feature on Good Morning America.

Your ‘Melt Up’ Moment Has Arrived

When is it time to get out of the market?

We’re getting this question a lot. And it’s a valid question. After all, we’re in one of the longest bull markets in history…

Stocks have been on fire in recent years, with the S&P 500 Index more than doubling since June 2012.

Yet it was a small 10% correction earlier this month that spooked a lot of investors. At the time, we sent out a note telling readers not to panic and that the drop in stocks might be short-lived. History showed us that stocks, after a correction without a recession attached to it, tended to bounce right back in a few months.

And that’s exactly what happened. Since the bottom of the correction, the market is already up just about 7%. I hope you took our advice and didn’t succumb to fear earlier this month. Now is not the time to get out.

Corrections are healthy to market cycles… And yes, even to bull markets. During the last major bull market, from 1998 to 2000, the Nasdaq Composite Index soared more than 200%. What you might not know is that there were five separate times that the index fell by about 10% during that same period. After each correction, the market kept churning higher.

So this is correction is nothing new. We welcome it. It reminds investors that stocks can indeed go down from time to time. The “Melt Up” – as our colleague Steve Sjuggerud calls it – appears to be back in full swing.

Some of you might remember the Melt Up during the late ’90s, but this current bull market feels a bit different. For starters, it’s less “mania-y”. Back then, investors piled into any dot-com stock without any substantial fundamental data backing up valuations.

The dot-com companies thought they couldn’t lose either. During the 2000 Super Bowl, 17 different dot-com companies bought ad spots during the game for a combined $44 million. As we all know now, most dot-coms didn’t last the year… By 2001, there were only three dot-com companies that bought ads during that Super Bowl.

Investors in those companies lost a lot of money. Folks initially thought that Internet stocks were a ticket to get rich quick… And you didn’t want to be the fool sitting on the sidelines missing out on free money.

That’s not the mindset today.

Sure, stock valuations are stretched. But investor optimism drives valuations more than euphoria.

From 2010 to the end of 2017, more than 50% of the gains in the S&P 500 came from something tangible – higher profits…

The ‘New’ Disease You Already Have

An alarming rate of Americans have this “new” disease.

You’ve probably never heard of it. But up to 46% of you reading this likely have it. It’s called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, or NAFLD.

Why I Don’t Focus on the Overall Market

Doc’s note: Today, I’m sharing an essay from Chris Mayer. I’ve followed his work since 2004. Chris is one of the best stock pickers in the game. Over the last decade, his stock selections have beaten almost everyone and everything… including Warren Buffett, David Einhorn, and Carl Icahn.

In today’s essay, Chris explains the importance of looking at individual stocks and not just following the broader market…

Are You One in Eight?

Think of eight women in your life… at least one of them is likely to get breast cancer in her lifetime.

Those are terrible odds.

Five Ways to Protect Yourself in an Active-Shooter Situation

Empowerment is one of the most important things I try to teach people.

In all of my newsletters, I use the knowledge I’ve gained through my years on Wall Street, as an eye doctor, and beyond to help you live a better life.