Living Well

Three Words No One Wants to Hear

I wrote last week that the scariest thing you’ll ever hear is, “You have cancer.”

Possibly the second worst is… “The cancer’s back.”

Find a Way to Beat the ‘C Word’

Nearly 1.7 million Americans every year get a diagnosis that would chill any of us…

“You have cancer.”

Do You Smell Burnt Toast?

It’s a popular myth that someone smells burning toast or burning hair right before experiencing a stroke. Unfortunately, that tell-tale sign is incredibly rare.

In fact, many folks miss the signs of stroke, or a milder form called a transient ischemic attack. Not getting immediate treatment leads to terrible long-term problems and death.

Fight Two Diseases With One Shot This Season

This is the year I might finally get a flu shot.

My longtime readers might be shocked to hear me say this. For years, I’ve argued that flu shots were unsafe and unnecessary. I never got one because I was always in great health and I have a robust immune system.

Try This ‘4-7-8 Method’ for Your Stress Before It Kills You

Americans are more stressed out than ever.

The American Psychological Association has released a “Stress in America” report for the past decade. The latest report shows that in 2016, we had a jump in overall stress levels… the first such movement in 10 years.

A Quick Step to Boost Brain Health

I’m a bit of a dancing fool…

My passion started in childhood. Winters in Minnesota left me with little to do, so I chose to spend my time learning to dance. That was, after all, what all the pretty girls were doing, too.

Are You Being Hacked Right Now?

Doc’s note: I’m handing over my daily letter today to my researcher, Amanda Cuocci. Despite working for me for nearly four years, Amanda has an embarrassing confession to make about her finances…

And my guess is, she isn’t alone.

Big Pharma’s New Target: Nursing Homes

The pill the nurse was trying to get my mother to take could have killed her.

My mom was post-surgery and waking up in her hospital room. The nurses were bringing her medication to take that night, and my mom didn’t recognize all of the pills.

How to Be Dramatically More Productive, Successful, and Wealthy

Doc’s note: Steve Sjuggerud is multi-talented guy…

He was a great tennis player, a state-champion rower, and a fantastic soccer player, too. He’s also a world-class guitar player and one of the world’s most accomplished “watermen” (he surfs, windsurfs, kitesurfs, and competes in stand-up paddle surfing). There never seems to be enough time in the day, but Steve still gets a lot done.

Does Your Pee Burn?

If you’ve ever had a urinary tract infection (UTI), you’re familiar with the itching, burning sensations, and pain when using the bathroom. It can be excruciating. And it’s a pain 10 in 25 women will experience in their lives.

Lots of folks think this is just a women’s issue.